Q. How can I get maximum marks in Chemistry?

MDCAT chemistry based portion is an amalgam of both numerical based questions and theory. It is not something you can opt to start studying in the last days and hope to ace it. You should start working on chemistry TODAY. And to get maximum questions correct, you should work on the following areas especially

1. Thorough and detailed book reading

2. The maximum practice of Numerical based questions of the first year

3. Chemical reactions in organic chemistry


Q. How much time should be spent on one question on average?

According to the standard 40 seconds/MCQue time, you can spend 40 seconds on average, on each question in the Chemistry portion because the questions might be a bit complicated. Unlike the Biology portion, which is pretty simple and you should spend 20-25 seconds on average on each question, the Chemistry portion is not THAT simple.

Q. Do I strictly need to stick to the UHS syllabus and not do the extra topics given in textbook?

Yes, stick to the topics given in the UHS syllabus and learn them in the best possible way. But it’s better if you just give a read to the UHS-Syllabus related extra topics and highlight the important points so you might not need to read those extra topics again and again.

Q. The multiple choice questions given at the end of the chapter are important or not?

Yes, they are very very important. Especially the numerical based questions. You can get an idea about what kind of multiple choice questions are given in Chemistry portion of MDCAT.


Q. Are some of the MCQs in Chemistry portion are unseen or from A-levels?

Not really. 55 or 56 out of 58 MCQues are from the syllabus without any doubt. There is a very little chance that you'll get an unseen or out of syllabus question. And if you still get one, it won't be that difficult to solve. So stick to your textbooks.

Q. Is book reading sufficient for Chemistry portion?

Yes, but you should practice numerical based multiple choice questions, for example, those in chapter 1 and 3 of your textbooks. It's least likely that you get those numerical based questions correct in the first try. So it would be much better if you practice past paper MCQues or those given in some other guidebook, along with book reading.

Q. How much time should I give to Chemistry preparation?

At least 15-16 days should be given for MDCAT preparation. Try to give one complete day to lengthy chapters such as chapter 1,3,4,8.


Q. Are there any free MDCAT preparation resources you offer?

Yes. Apart from a lot of free MDCAT quizzes, a free MDCAT module for each subject is available on the website, consisting of quizzes and video lectures.

Also, you can join our Facebook group for many other free MDCAT resources too.



Q. Where can I access Free MDCAT videos online?

The links are for our free MDCAT video lectures given as follows:

Chemistry: https://www.nearpeer.org/entry-test-preparation/mdcat/chemistry-(mdcat-2018)/1
Biology: https://www.nearpeer.org/entry-test-preparation/mdcat/biology-(mdcat-2018)/1
Physics: https://www.nearpeer.org/entry-test-preparation/mdcat/physics-(mdcat-2018)/1
English: https://www.nearpeer.org/entry-test-preparation/mdcat/english-(mdcat-2018)/1

Q. Do you have free MCAT Practice Tests/quizzes?

Yes, a lot of free MDCAT practice tests are available on our website too, the links of which are given as follows:

1. https://www.nearpeer.org/quiz/263
2. https://www.nearpeer.org/quiz/265
3. https://www.nearpeer.org/quiz/275
4. https://www.nearpeer.org/quiz/334
5. https://www.nearpeer.org/quiz/347
6. https://www.nearpeer.org/quiz/248
7. https://www.nearpeer.org/quiz/410
8. https://www.nearpeer.org/quiz/457

Many other quizzes are available on our website.