So a lot of you guys asked about the alternate career options after MDCAT as well as backup options that one should keep.

Here are the answers to all your questions regarding that. 

1) What to do if I want to appear for CSS in future? 

If you want to appear for the CSS in future, start your preparation right now.

So what you can do for the pre-preparation is: 

  1. -Start reading English Newspaper daily, such as Dawn or Tribune. And why you need to do that?

Well, it'll help you to improve your English and to be specific, English grammar and English vocabulary.

-Start taking courses in your high school/university in which you have an  interest and those which you'd potentially be picking up later for CSS. (Note: Do some research on CSS first)

This approach will help you a lot in choosing the optional subjects for CSS, and you would already have a know-how of the content.

2) Does LUMS offer MBBS program? 

LUMS does not offer MBBS program nor any medical-related degree. However, if anybody wants to do BSc in Chemistry, Biology or Physics, then they can apply in LUMS.

Watch the below video to get in depth career counselling and choose right path for yourself. 

3) I am a repeater, should I take admission in Private Medical college this year?

So firstly, you need to know, "what you want to do"? If you wish to give MDCAT another shot you should ask this question, "Will you be able to score better than the previous attempt?" "And if not, then what would be the consequences?" 

Waste of time! and then after all that you would end up taking Admission in the private medical college anyways. Right? 

So it's all about what you want and how realistically you approach things. 

Pro-tip: Watch the video below to know how to realistically make decisions. It's very important to adopt right approach. 

4) If I want to improve MDCAT next year, should I focus on it or take Admission along with it, to be on the safe side? 

So again, it depends on you. Why?

Because if you would take Admission somewhere, then you would be stuck in preparing for your university courses and MDCAT. So, if you think you will be able to give enough time to your MDCAT and can manage both sides, then go for it.

Otherwise just keep backup plans of those universities that open its admission after MDCAT for example, LUMS, LSE or take admission next year.

let me make one thing clear, 

IT IS OKAY TO TAKE ONE OR TWO GAP YEAR. Because in the end if you'd be able to get admission in good university then it's gonna be all worth it. But for that you need to work hard as well.

5) What is LCAT? Which subjects are included? 

LCAT is LUMS Common Admission Test. LUMS is conducting LCAT this year only because SAT was being cancelled due to COVID-19 situation. Hence, as an alternate option LCAT is introduced this time.

LCAT paper pattern will be the same as the SAT, including subjects like English and Math.

6) What are the other career options if I do not get marks in MDCAT exam? 

So there is no one or direct answer to that. 

Better explore your answer in the video given below and you will be pretty clear about the career options you can choose. 

7) How much score is required to secure a seat in humanities school of LUMS? 

There is no answer to this question. Yes, because LUMS does not disclose its admission criteria. So, to be on the safe side, just aim for high scores in entry test (SAT/LCAT), and if you have excellent grades in FSc-O/A level, then you can somehow expect to get admission. 

But still here is a catch,

You still won't know for sure if you will get admission or not. This is just how it is! 

8) Is SAT and LCAT syllabus different? 

Firstly, there is no set syllabus for the SAT. And secondly, the material that you will use to study SAT can be used for the LCAT as well.

9) Suggest good fields if we want to do CSS in future? 

Bachelors is the requirement if you want to take CSS exam. And any field will do for that. Just go for those fields you have interest in and take those courses that you will be picking for the CSS. 

10) If we do not score good in MDCAT, should we go for CA or any field in LUMS? 

It depends on your interest. CA is a relatively tricky field; however, going to LUMS and studying any degree there won't be as difficult. But again, it is all about your passion. 

If you are passionate to do CA then go for it otherwise take up any field in LUMS because all the degrees at LUMS has scope in the job market.

11) Does LUMS offer BBA?

LUMS does not offer BBA. For more program information at LUMS, you can check their website. 

12) Should we repeat MDCAT? 

You should repeat MDCAT only if you think you will score better than the previous attempt. And to do that decision realistically, first see what percentage you have in FSc and then estimate the marks that you need to improve and get good aggregate.

If you are above 90% in FSc then go for it. Otherwise, there is no need, since the merit is high every year.

13) Will doing Political science in LUMS help me in CSS? 

Yes, LUMS provide students with the freedom of choosing the courses they want to study. Hence, it will be a perfect opportunity to explore different fields or just the field related to your interest. Also taking up courses of your own choice will help you in the CSS preparation as well.

14) When should an A/LEVEL student start preparing for NMDCAT?

So we are really into the idea of guiding the student to start preparing for the entry test from their college time. And for that, you just need to know the syllabus and make your concepts stronger from the start and not just do rote learning. Because clearing your concepts from the start will help you a great deal to prepare for the MDCAT after you've  done your a/level.

15) How is the pharmacy field?

The answer to this is well explained in the videos

16) Can I apply for LUMS admission and NOP same year?

NOP is conducted before the admissions are open. So, you can apply for NOP first and then apply for the Admissions as well.

17) With how much score can I get into LUMS law school?

As I answered above, LUMS does not disclose its admission criteria. So nobody can tell how many marks you should get. But always try to get high scores since merit is always high.

18) Can we do CSS after MBBS?

Yes, you can do! To explore more about CSS and eligibility criteria check FPSC website. 

19) What should we do to open a restaurant? 

For any business set up, you can take courses on entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is all about how to start and develop a business of your own.

20) Should I start studying D pharmacy from Punjab University or repeat MDCAT?

Firstly, what you can do is, see if you have enough marks in FSc that if you get a specific score on MDCAT, you can get admission in MBBS. For that, do your calculation by using the aggregate formula of MDCAT. 

If you think you can get the expected marks in MDCAT, then repeat otherwise go for any other field.

21) What is the SAT? LUMS Guidance needed?

Refer to this blog post for SAT and LUMS related questions. 

22) Tips for repeaters?

Start your preparation by jotting down the topics from the syllabus that you thought gave you a tough time in the exam. After that, entirely focus on those topics unless everything is crystal clear. Then complete your rest of the syllabus followed by the practice test. 

And do as much practice test as you can because the information will only be retained if you have done enough written practice.

23) Can medical students apply to LUMS?

Yes, everybody can apply for LUMS. Be it a medical student or engineering student or related to any other field. But mostly those students should apply who have really good marks in matric/Olevel and Fsc/A levels.

24) How can we apply for NOP?

You must go to the LUMS website and download NOP form from there if you want to apply.

25) Backup plan for anyone who does not secure 905 in MDCAT?

LUMS, IBA Karachi, NUST, UET, Lahore School of Economics are a really good backup plans that everyone can go for.

26) Instead of medical I am choosing software engineering. What do you think?

If you are choosing software engineering, then its good. I am assuming software is something that interest you. So its a good choice. 

27) If I didn't get good marks in MDCAT, should I repeat my FSc with 3 subjects?

Again, I would suggest you to repeat if only you think you can improve and will get better scores than previous ones. Otherwise, just switch your field and go to some other top universities of Pakistan.

28) SAT vs MDCAT? Which one is easy?

Neither one is easy. Both have their own difficulty level. We cannot compare the both. 

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