Several nmdcat candidates in Punjab protested against the Pakistan Medical Commission dated 25th and 26th Oct, demanding
-The change of syllabus or
-The delaying of the national mdcat exam. 


This started in view of the notification issued when PMC announced the change of the governing body of medical and dental college admission test from UHS to the NUMS and declared that only one national mdcat exam would be held all over Pakistan under the supervision of NUMS as "examination providing entity".
And this announcement was made just a month ago from the exam date.

PMC also made clear in their notification that all the boards will follow the provincial boards' syllabus, but in another statement, they told to follow the common topics from the FSc books. Along with that, the Pakistan Medical Commission clearly announced that they would not issue any new syllabus.

This difference in the statement created uncertainty and confusion in the minds of the students who were preparing for the MDCAT for 5-6 months.

Soon after, PMC announced last-minute changes and issued New Syllabus that included the additional topics. In light of this, many students took to Twitter and said that "many additional topics have been added in the syllabus" which was clearly against the earlier statement by the PMC.

In response to these unfair actions taken by PMC, the student body raised their voices, and some cases were filed as well, but no heed was paid. Parents also joined in to support their children. 


However, to top it off, PMC opened the registrations for the national MDCAT.

Student body gathered to march against this irresponsible attitude by the authorities and put forth their demand to bring back the old UHS syllabus or to delay the national mdcat exam.

In response to the protest, eminent political personality Bilal Bhutto also tweeted and said, "This is another reminder puppets can't run a country."


In reaction to the protest, PMC has issued a revised syllabus to clear out the confusions of the students. 

Let see if this New Syllabus proves out to be beneficial for the national MDCAT candidates or not. 

And nearpeer's suggestion for you is to forget about the protest and focus on your preparation, utilize this time for revising your notes and doing past papers instead of waiting for the PMC to take notice of the protest and to take back their decision. 

And remember one thing, success does not depend on how many times you have to revise the syllabus, but it depends on your outlook towards success. Syllabus keeps on changing and uncertain times come and go but you should always be prepared to give your best in any situation. 

The change of the syllabus or anything related to the exam is not in our hands and so we should focus on the things that is in our hands and that is, maximum preparation. 

Here is a little more motivational chunk for you all.

So do your last days preparation with positive spirit and tell yourself that you can do it and if God forbids you fail, life won't stop. You would still have number of good career options to go for. 

And always remember that whatever happens, happens for a good reason. 

What are your thoughts on the New Syllabus?

Do let us know in the comment section below.