Life can take you through some very unconventional pathways to lead you towards your goal, sometimes you lose hope but end up with success when you are least expecting it.

And I would assume the same for myself.

Hello Everyone!

I'm Minahil, currently a first-year medical student at Fatima Jinnah Medical College and here I would like to share my story of how a confused pre-medical girl from A-levels ended up in MBBS.

I am assuming that you all are at that very nerve-racking point in your life that I can vividly recall for myself. 

After completing my A levels, as per the norm I had to jump in the spiral of searching for University admissions and giving medical entry tests and therefore, shifting to studying the FSC course books, a time all of you would agree, gives debilitating anxiety. Being from Balochistan, I had very little option of getting good tutoring services. Fortunately I came across Nearpeer and at that time when I was confused, anxious and directionless about the life ahead, I contacted Nearpeer and they came to my rescue, thanks to Allah and Nearpeer.


Nearpeer provided the support I desperately needed in the form of online lectures and also the feeling of studying in a classroom and not being alone in my journey through the online study groups, my confusions regarding the concepts and tricks to ace the MDCAT was solved. I would dedicate my victory to Nearpeer with the help of which I was able to secure 943/11000 in MDCAT, aided with good score in A-level paved my ways to Fatima Jinnah Medical College.

I'm sure my fellow A levels students would agree with his fact that transitioning into the FSC syllabus is never easy. But Nearepeer eventually made it easier for me and not only in terms of academic clarifications but provided that moral uplifting that every student seeks at that time.

I know most of the Students from Balochistan would be going through this same phase that I went through and I can completely relate to you all. Therefore, from my personal experience I would definitely suggest you all to take the helping hand of Nearpeer for your MDCAT 2020 preparation. Nearpeer not only clears academic concepts and stays syllabus oriented but it also trains student on how to control their nerves and equip them with the skills of time and stress management. Studying through Nearpeer provides you ample time to focus on your strengths and weaknesses and give time to self-studying because that is what will lead you to the success of achieving your place in Medical colleges.