Written by: Fatima Jamil

Are you confused about the schedule of MDCAT 2020 amid COVID-19? Not sure if the MDCAT exam will be held or not? To top it off, anxiety and stressful lockdown situation is making you slack off, and hence, you are directionless as to how to start the preparation? Worry no more; Nearpeer is here to resolve all your puzzling thoughts. We understand that these are challenging times and to gather up courage and energy to sit down and study can be hard. But here are some facts that would help you regain your strength and put your bewildered thoughts in perspective and push you to get started.

1. MDCAT Test Date
As announced by the UHS, the MDCAT 2020 will be held around mid-September. However, UHS has been giving “Tareekh pe tareekh, tareekh pe tareekh” just like every year and there is no set date as of now by the UHS. But keep expecting it to be held in September 2020. 

2. No Cancellation
Where the lockdown of cities has changed the dynamics of the education, it has also raised crucial concerns as to whether the MDCAT 2020 exams will take place or not? You all know that FSC exams have been canceled but that does not mean MDCAT will get canceled as well. Keep this thing in your mind that there are “No Chances of Cancellation” and it would be best if you kick start your preparation from today.

3. Increased Weightage
As the official board has canceled the FSC exams, there is a high chance that the weightage of MDCAT will be increased. This could be to make up the loss for FSC exams through MDCAT and to better gauge the performance of students.

4. No Change in Syllabus
Like most of the questions, students mostly get confused over the syllabus of MDCAT. To make it all clear for everyone, keep this fact in your mind that the curriculum will remain the same. There will be no changes for any reason whatsoever and it will remain the same as of MDCAT syllabus 2019.

5. Online MDCAT Exam
Given the whole situation, it is highly likely that the MDCAT exam will be held online. Hence, it is significant that you get your hands on the online experience and Nearpeer is the way you can get that mastery from. Nearpeer’s online video lectures, as well as online quizzes, will aid you in learning and adjusting to the new online MDCAT exam well before the day. 


6. Difficulty Level
Some of you might be having these thoughts that due to COVID-19 pandemic, the exam might be easy than in previous years. But we have to tell you with a heavy heart that the difficulty level will remain the same. Therefore, throw these thoughts away and get yourself started even if you were like “nahi parha maine pura saal, ab kya hoga maira haal” so let Nearpeer help you and ensure that you won’t get that “E aye ga D aye ga” and ace your MDCAT exam regardless of the difficulty level.

7. Physical Academies Closed
We all know it by now that all physical academies have been closed given the situation; hence, the only way to prepare for MDCAT is to study at home. But you might be worried about how will you prepare for the MDCAT exam on your own? How will you clear your concepts? And plenty of other questions. So what if the academies are closed? Nearpeer is here to rescue you from all your worries. Hence, study at home under the supervision of best instructors and get equipped with the online exam and stay safe and ace the MDCAT.


8. Online Preparation

As everybody knows that due to the closure of schools and other institutions, there is a high possibility that the exam will be conducted online. But some of you might get bogged down after this because you had never given any online exam before. Nearpeer also understands this concern and provides you with hands-on knowledge and equips you with every strategy that will help you get through the MDCAT online exam successfully hence, don’t hesitate to visit our channel for the online preparation.

9. How to Start the Preparation?
It’s always a huge question mark for most of the students about “How to start the preparation”? We realize that it can get pretty daunting to see a lot of syllabus and little time to cover it. But MDCAT preparation has now been made easier by your truly Nearpeer. Yes, you heard that right. Pause, play, rewind, and repeat at your convenience, you’ve got a question to ask? No big deal. Get an instant solution to your problem from instructors by sending your query on the Facebook MDCAT group. Along with that, practice your concepts by giving quizzes online. Not only that, Nearpeer tells you how to gauge your strengths and weaknesses by presenting a visual graph of your overall performance and giving detailed recommendations on the topics you need to work on.

All in all, these are some facts that you should know as an MDCAT student so that you can rightly direct your focus and plan your schedule ahead of the time. So what are you waiting for, get your preparation started with Nearpeer today.

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