Even hearing the acronym “MDCAT” has become a source of depression since the huge blunder by PMC. It actually is really bad that many candidates couldn’t pass their MDCAT this year. However, there’s this one saying that goes like “don’t cry over spilled milk” and I think we should be focusing more on this. In this particular case, you don’t need to cry over your MDCAT result since it cannot be changed BUT it CAN be improved next year. 

Did you know? There were 194,133 candidates who took part in MDCAT this year and only 68,680 were able to pass it. This makes the passing ratio of 35.4% which is extremely low. Out of those 68,680 students, only 19,922 candidates would get a seat in their favorite medical or dental college; 16,362 seats in medical and 3,560 in dental. 

(Stats collected from PMC)

The numbers above show the shattered dreams of many students and their parents. It is the nature of our households in Pakistan that they prefer only 1 qualification, doctor! Because of this peer pressure, the aspirants miss the important things and end up failing the admission test. Reading this further will prove to be extremely beneficial for all the MDCAT improvers because we are gonna share tricks that no college does and help you score the highest in your MDCAT 2022. Let’s get started!

Be Super Motivated

We know it’s a little hard to stay motivated after failing MDCAT once but this is now how it works. As an improver, you’re better than thousands of new MDCAT aspirants because of the experience you already have of MDCAT. Plus, you’ll end up preparing for the whole year instead of only 3 months like the first-timers. However, all this requires a lot of dedication and focus and this is no one else’s but your own job to be motivated enough to keep studying.

Identify Your Weaknesses

This is where self-assessment kicks off. One of the most effective ways to succeed in your next MDCAT attempt is to NOT repeat your mistakes at all. This is why identifying your weaknesses and mistakes from the previous MDCAT attempt is necessary. Think about the questions or topics that gave you a hard time during the exam and strengthen them. Also, make sure that you’re utilizing your study time efficiently; only studying the topics from the syllabus. If not, this mistake can cost you another year. Apart from this, don’t forget to practice solving mathematical problems without a calculator because, you know, taking one with you in the exam center isn’t allowed.

Eat - Sleep - Study

If you plan to study crazily sacrificing your meals and nap time then drop it right now. This will only make the situation worse and you won’t get any positive outcome. Remember that sleeping and eating healthily should be your first priority or else your body and mind will not accept anything and you’ll only suffer from fatigue all the time. Make sure to eat 3 times a day, sleep for at least 8 hours, give time to your studies, and see how efficient it all goes.

Neglecting ‘English’ Can Cost You a Seat

One of the worst mistakes you can make while preparing for the MDCAT exam is to not prepare for the “English” section. You might speak in English with a few of your friends just a little but that doesn’t mean you’re very much familiar with grammar, antonyms, and synonyms. Make sure to practice these three areas of the English language before appearing in the exam and you might boost up your chances of achieving a top position in it.

Solve MDCAT Past Papers

This is one of the best forms of self-assessment and we do not recommend getting easy on this one. MDCAT past papers can give you the real taste of MDCAT and you can actually assess a lot of things like time management, stress management, the difficulty of a subject, strategies, final score, and more. By the end of this assessment, you will learn how your preparation is going. 

Talking about preparation, the most important thing to decide is where to prepare for the test. Should you use notes, MDCAT preparation books, academies, old books, etc.? To gain all the skills and prepare for your next MDCAT on time, Nearpeer comes up with MDCAT Improvers Sessions. With this 3-month course, you can cover up the RIGHT syllabus through RIGHT concepts WITHOUT wasting any time. Only the questions or topics that will appear in the next MDCAT will be covered, unlike the other academies.

MDCAT Improver Sessions - The Benefits

You might have been in the pre-medical group of F.Sc but when it comes to further studies, things get a little trickier. The PMC wants to KNOW you, it wants to KNOW if you are capable of being a phenomenal practicing doctor, hence they test it through MDCAT. Through this small test, PMC tests your stress management, time management, logical thinking, knowledge, and a lot more skills only to give college seats to the candidates of the highest potential. 

Nearpeer always cares about students regardless of the institution they belong to. We appreciate every effort you make and every struggle you go through but you can’t open a nut with a screwdriver, no matter how much effort you’re putting in. You need the right tool which is Nearpeer’s MDCAT Improver Session. See how it will take you to your dream dental or medical college.

  1. Video Lectures - Complete 3-month online course with qualified teachers teaching you the way to your desired institutions. 
  2. Syllabus - Accurate, nothing extra. 
  3. Weekly Tests - Assess your ability every week and you’ll be completely prepared for the test day.
  4. Live Discussions - The improver session may be online but that doesn’t mean you can’t talk to your instructors.
  5. Conceptual Learning - It’s a no-rote system. Once you’ve learned the topic, you won’t forget it. 
  6. MDCAT might not look like a good option to some of you now.ss If you’re one of them, then the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is something that will secure your admission for further studies. 

This admission test is accepted by the following universities:

  1. NUST
  2. LUMS
  3. ITU
  4. IBM
  5. PIEAS
  6. Habib University
  7. Many Universities in the United States
  8. So if you’re extremely dedicated to becoming a medical or dental doctor then go for Nearpeer’s MDCAT Improver Sessions but if not, there will still be an option: SAT

Either go for the MDCAT Improver Sessions or the Complete SAT Preparatory Course and Nearpeer will make a clean way to your favorite university.

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