Are you giving MDCAT for the first time? Or repeating it?

If you are a fresher or a repeater, STOP! do not bounce back because we are going to tell you 3 things that you are doing, which can negatively effect your MDCAT preparation and hence, your career. 


So without creating further suspense let's see what those things are.

1. Wasting Time in Collecting Recources

Yeh bhi pakr lo wou bhi pkr lou! Asy jasy SALE lgi ho! 

What is this behavior MDCAT students?


Majority of you waste time on collecting different resources such as getting books of different academies, taking notes from your friends. But have you ever opened up all those piles of books and notes you gathered? Ik bhi book khol k dkhi hai aj tk?

I am pretty sure nhi dkhi hogi, except your own FSc books. Tou resources gather krny ka kya faida?

I would say, this is the dumbest and greediest behavior you guys show.  If you are a repeater, you would second me and that too if you have realized it by now and if not, you NEED TO REALIZE KNOW!​


Just take 1-2 good books/notes apart from your FSc book and stick to them. 

Stop wasting and start utilizing time in productive study, rather than feeling satisfied that you've gather all the resources.  

Resources gather krny sy MDCAT pass nhi hoga.


2. Not Evaluating Yourself after Attempting Full-Length Papers

Firstly, some of you do not even attempt Full-length Papers. Which is the first step of not getting expected scores in MDCAT. Moving on, those of you who attempt, they end up attempting it for the sake it. Sirf khud ko tasaali deny k lia!

I cannot stress enough the importance of attempting full-length (mocks) papers for practicing purposes. Let me reiterate!

Practicing full-length papers (with timer on) will give you hands-on experience in attempting the questions within the time duration, acquainting you with the types of questions you can expect on the same day and last but not least, giving you the ability to handle the pressure and in managing your time effectively.

Remember guys!

Unless you do not evaluate the paper you attempted or pay heed to the answers you got wrong, all this hard work will go to the drain.

So, make sure you are thoroughly assessing your performance, pay special attention to the wrong questions and figure out the reasons you got them wrong. Last but not least, attempt all those wrongly answered questions, again.

If you find it hard in figuring out the reasons you attempted the questions wrongly and want possible solutions, Nearpeer provides you with a wonderful opportunity where you cannot only attempt a quiz with a timer on but can also figure out your weak areas and get all the solutions for wrongly attempted questions.


3. Not Keeping Backup Options

Having a backup option or a Plan B, should be a thing in your life. And if, currently it is not, then you should make one. 

Nobody can guarantee you, NOT EVEN ME, that you will pass your MDCAT. Well, we hope you do, but GOD Forbids if you do not, then there should be something on which you can safely fall on rather than falling flat on your face. 

Keeping the backup option will help you land safely. So, MDCAT Aspirants, you all should have a side option of TOP UNIVERSITIES and keep yourself mentally prepared that if for any reasons, you do not pass MDCAT (GOD FORBID) then you will give SAT and make your way to the top universities like LUMS, IBA, Lahore school of economics (LSE)


If you want to settle for any degree (other than a Medical degree) then why do it from any middle standard university? Why not study for the same degree from any top class institute?  And make 100K a month instead of 20k a month. 

Well, I know you wouldn't want to make a latter figure. So why not make your decision wisely?

You should definitely choose the top universities!

If you want career-related guidance and how you can apply to LUMS, IBA, NUST, LSE after your MDCAT then talk to our counsellors now.

Talk to Counsellor!


Final Thoughts

You should focus and prioritize those things that are important. Collecting notes/books for that matter, are LEAST IMPORTANT. The time you are wasting in gathering the notes (that too you won't ever get a chance to look at) could easily be utilized in studying. I am not saying you should not collect notes, you should, but limited and the ones that are of high quality. 

Apart from that, if you say that you are all done with your preparation but haven't practiced what you've learned, then very sorry to say but you will be failing MDCATSorry, not sorry! 

Therefore, make an active effort of solving and evaluating full-length papers and give special attention to the wrongly answered questions. Ask questions from your teachers in the classroom groups, bug them a million times. Lastly, always keep a backup option for yourself. In case, you fail, you would have something to fall upon. 

Good luck!

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