As FSc exams are fast approaching, students’ anxiety and nervousness are peaking.

Well, this month is all that is left to push yourself. But is one month enough to complete FSc preparation, is the real question? 

Brace yourself because the answer is yes! Gear up all your energy to smartly do your preparation by following the below points and complete your FSc preparation in one month.

1) First thing First - Make Smart Study Schedule 

Now as your FSc exams are only a month away; you need to prioritize your schedule accordingly. Figure out your weak areas and try to cover 2-3 topics within a day. Keep studying them unless the topic is crystal clear. 

And why am I telling you to prioritize it? Well, if you do not prioritize and keep studying Annay Wah then it will only burn you out and will not do any good. You will be stuck at the same place where you were, 3-4 months back. Zayada hee exaggerate hogya, I mean 1-2 months back. So focus on the weak areas, and leave the topics that you are already good at for later revision. 

Follow this technique and make a tailored schedule and stick to it, do not study nonstop. Doing so will enable you to cover all your weak topics as well as get a good amount of time to go through the topics you are already good at along with sparing time to do some fun. So, strictly adhere to the schedule.


2) How to Rightly Allocate Time

Now that you have developed a comprehensive schedule, it would be best if you focus on beating the clock. Make sure you are giving appropriate time to each topic and particularly dedicating enough time focusing on the areas that give you hard time. 

Brush up those topics from where there are high chances of increasing the score. Because it is just useless to devote your time and energy to the topics from which you can easily get a minuscule amount of extra points


    3) Important - Practice Past Papers

    Solving and analyzing past papers questions should be your third priority on the list. 

    Attempt as many past papers as you possibly can, while setting the clock with exactly the hours you will get in your board exam. Before attempting the past papers, follow some of the below steps:

    a) Thoroughly analyze the past papers

    b) See which long questions are re-occurring.

    c) Look at the type of short questions e.g. are they more definition based or more conceptual based.  

    d) Now look at the past paper solutions i.e. analyze the answers from the examiner point of view

    Do this with all your subjects, but in the order of weakest to the strongest subject. Doing so will help you in effectively covering the weak areas rather than just wasting time on the topics (subjects) that you are already good at. 

    In short, this step would be a good reality check for you and also give you an insight as to how to manage your time and handle uninvited stress.


    4) Review your Practiced Past Papers

    Self-assessment is an important and first step to success. 

    After analyzing, attempt full-length past paper in the exam time duration. Once you are done, do not throw it away just like that, take a break and after that contemplate and compare your attempted paper with that of the past paper solutions. Check if your answers are up to mark, does your answer include all those points that answer the question and will earn you full marks?

    I know this is the least thing that you want to do, but trust me referring back to your attempted answers will help you a lot in your exam. You won't repeat the same mistakes again. And hence, board main top krnay sy tmhy koi nahi rok skhy ga.

    In short, do critical analysis and evaluate yourself, give extra attention to the wrongly attempted questions and learn from your mistakes because doing so increases tenfold the possibility of scoring high in the FSc board exam

    Sorry for the self-promotion but Nearpeer gives you the opportunity where you can practice as much as you want and thoroughly evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and ask any questions that you might have from the top faculty. 


    5) Give yourself a Break

    Now that you have done all the hard work, give yourself a well-deserved break in the last 2 days. Put all your books in Raddi well not really but just put them aside and go have some fun. 

    Go out with your friends, give time to your family, offer prayers, treat yourself with good food and leave everything on Allah. And just remind yourself that you have done everything you could possibly do, you have worked your ass off ab jo bhi hoga acha hoga.


    Final Thoughts

    Making a schedule is easy, but following it is difficult. However, if you stay committed to yourself and follow the plan, spending the right amount of time in the right direction and doing a thorough analysis of your shortcomings then you will definitely up your FSc game in this short time
    In the end, I would just say "Zindagi ik dhokha hai, Parhly Beta Moqa hai"

    What tips are you following to complete FSc preparation in this short time?  ​
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