You Will Love IELTS I 5 Guaranteed Secrets to Ace the IELTS

Many people feel anxious, fearful or low when they hear the word IELTS. For some it may be simple and not a concern, but for others, the word may invoke a wide range of negative emotions. Well, not to fret. This is a collection of five of the best, guaranteed IELTS preparation tips and tricks for all four components: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Keep reading on for the tips!

Tip #1: Have a Clear Learning Strategy

Before you start studying for the IELTS and to make full use of our collection of IELTS tips and tricks, it is immensely important to understand yourself and what kind of a learner you are. Are you a person who prefers writing? Maybe you appreciate watching videos and absorbing material through that. Or perhaps you focus on reading and that is the best way for you to understand the text the best. Well, you need to figure that out about yourself. Once you know this, then only, that is the first step for the IELTS tips and tricks for reading, writing, speaking and listening will truly benefit you. Once you have identified yourself as one of the types of learners mentioned above, then you have the foundation for a clear learning strategy set out. Now it is important for you to make a productive time table centered around reading, watching lectures or writing down the information to absorb it. That's on you!

Tip #2: Keep Reasonable Goals

It may seem tantalizing to want to finish an entire topic- theory and practice questions- in a day, but you have to be realistic with yourself. Is that really a reasonable possibility? Consider your daily schedule. Perhaps you have a 9am to 5pm, 8 hour job that requires your full attention, ro are a full time student. Or maybe you have a ton of other responsibilities to focus on and you can’t study for the IELTS for the bulk of the day. Well, in that case, you need to be a good judge of your own schedule and appoint studying hours yourself. 

Tip #3: Absorb English Content

Another one of the important IELTS tips and tricks is absorbing as much English content as you can. And no, that does not just mean practice materials. It is important to also read newspapers, fiction novels, current affair articles and as much media as you can consume. This also includes movies and TV shows. Yes, it seems like a dream to consider watching Friends studying, but absorbing as much as you can about the language in different contexts for the IELTS is a crucial tip for your IELTS preparation online. 

Tip #4: Practice Everyday

Practicing everyday is another extremely important one of the overall IELTS preparation tips and tricks. You need to make studying for the IELTS an important part of your everyday schedule. Even a half an hour everyday is a good schedule as long as it's active, productive learning and starts 2-3 months in advance. Once you make studying a part of your daily routine, you will start to prioritize it and in turn, plan your day more efficiently also! It's a win-win as long as you commit to the challenge!

Tip #5: Focus on the Questions During the Exam

It is very important for you to truly read the question in front of you and break it down. This is another focal one of the IELTS preparation tips and tricks. A lot of the time even if we are prepared, we tend to read the question too fast or not really understand what is being asked of us. This can be a big reason why scores for the IELTS exam are so low. This can easily be avoided by slowing down and breaking down the question into parts: what the question is asking, what we should answer it with, and how we will answer it. Making a plan for questions is a helpful way for understanding the question and effectively answering it, and not losing marks in the process of that. 


At the end of the day, just remember to try your best and give the exam your all. Be open to changing your preconceptions and past thoughts on what the exam was, and take the IELTS for what it truly is: your competency for English. Competency is a skill, and skills can always be honed for growth. You can always improve, don’t forget that. By incorporating our IELTS tips and tricks and using the Nearpeer materials provided since we offer a free first module for you to attain, you can aim for a high score and achieve your goals. Happy learning!