Practicing Full-length quizzes and knowing that it is not an actual exam, and hence taking it lightly?

Well, this is why you need to read further and know why tests sessions are essential and why you need to pay attention to them. 

Exams are challenging for all students worldwide. Many factors play into making exams tough for students to prepare for and sit through.

Practicing for an actual exam can help to tackle some of the problems. And for that very reason, test sessions are an excellent opportunity to prepare for the final exam day.

It is also a great opportunity for you all to figure out and practice what works best for you in the face of pressure. 

Test session series helps you in a variety of ways. Let’s talk about some of these.

1. No more "Blank Out" Situation:

Practicing helps you to retain the concepts in your memory for a longer period. Most of you might have experienced this that while attempting an exam, you go completely blank and struggle in thinking hard about the concepts you thought you knew very well.

Well, rote learning and not enough written practice is one of the cause of this.

So, if you think you have understood the concepts well and there is no need for written practice, then you are wrong. 

You absolutely need to work on it and get your head straight. 

2. Control the Clock:
Test pa test! 

Yeah we know that attempting number of tests, practicing past papers have you exhausted now but know one thing, it will work in your favor. 

Believe me because experience bolta hai.

Making a test environment and attempting time paced quizzes helps you to effectively keep a track of time. 

We know how much you don’t want to experience this before the exam but trust me, doing full-length papers and quizzes with the timed clock will help you a great deal on the exam day.

Along with that, it helps you strategize from which portion you need to start and how much time you need to allocate to each question.

3. Performance Improvement:
Most of you guys give the tests to see how good you know the concepts. Right?

Where it is good that you should know everything and get good marks, on the other hand the purpose of taking tests is not always to get full marks but the actual purpose should be to identify your mistakes, figuring out where you are losing and then working on those areas.

To err is human, to learn is divine!  

4. ​Overcoming Exam Anxiety: 
Attempting tests/quizzes in an exam like environment within the specified time, not only helps you get your hands on the things mentioned above but also helps you in overcoming the stress and making you feel less anxious on the exam day. 

Yeah we know that it's easier said than done. 

But you would have gone through the same stressful, timing ticking pressure situation before and it won't be mind boggling for you on the actual exam day. 

You might also think that practicing in exam environment and blah blah will only make you more stressful, but wait! trust me on this.

It will positively help you and will equip you with the necessary things that you would be needing during the exam day. 

So don't take it lightly otherwise regret it later. 

Forewarning: To be little straight, you will be stressed out on the exam day too but at least you would know how you can keep yourself calm. Right?

There are many advantages of test session when preparing for a major exam. It helps you get used to the pressure as well as help you practice what you have learned. 

It shapes your mind and prepare you for the stressful situation and gives you a good idea of how you can effectively manage your time. Hence, never let go of the opportunity to give maximum number of tests. 

Do you think giving a lot of tests for the practicing purpose helps you on the exam day? 

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