Considering the obsession of desi families with the field of medicine, you’ll find plenty of pre-medical students in Pakistan and as painful as FSc already is, choosing pre-medical makes it way worse. It takes a special human breed to dedicate two years of their lives chasing an aggregate as high as the Himalayas and these cursed individuals are called the pre-medical students. Here’s a list of 8 types of pre-medical students you’ll most probably come across in your college:

2. The pretenders:
These students seem to be a little inspired from soap serials because you’ll always hear them saying ‘Yaar kuch bhe nahi parha’ before every test but the test results quite contradict their statement. They’ll have passed with flying colors despite them wailing all the time about not having studied enough. Eventually, you're like:

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3. The hopeless ones/criers:
These students are already done with their lives and it makes you feel sad for them because they’ve realized their mistake of choosing pre-medical a little too late. They’d probably rather spend their life in mountains doing nothing, far far away from the daily grind of memorizing stuff. You’ll always find these students crying over their life choices and being totally hopeless about everything. 

4. The screen addicts:
Now, these students genuinely want to do better in their lives and are very much capable of it. They’ve life goals and they want to work hard to get them accomplished but the only hindrance in their way is their addiction, ‘screen addiction’. They have this irresistible urge to remain glued to their phone screens 24/7. They start twitching within 5 minutes of staying away from their phones and if the duration is prolonged, they might start having serious convulsions. We honestly feel bad for you because same!

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5. The smart workers:
We call these people ‘The Houdinis’ considering their mind-blowing ability to escape difficult situations quickly. They’re extremely well rounded, always calm, cool, and collected, and you wonder how do they deal with all the stress and anxiety or do they even deal with it? And the best thing about them is they actually manage to get good grades along with staying composed throughout the year.

6. The missing:
You get the chance to see their faces once in a blue moon because they don’t take any classes. They are self-sufficient and don’t feel the need to waste time in classes so they’re mostly absent and attend college only when they’re feeling bored or want to socialize. Attending classes and maintaining attendance is just not their thing.

7. The motivational speakers:
They’re the kindest souls around. Even if their whole life is a mess and they’re on the verge of their 8th mental breakdown of the day, they’ll give you a pep talk and motivate you if they sense any bit of sadness in your tone. And they’re great at it. They do manage to cheer you up and lift your spirits, motivating you to ace that exam. This is their favorite thing to do.

8. The slackers:
These are the ones that are ‘just existing’ and their sole purpose of existence is to look at memes, watch TV shows, eat, sleep and repeat. They’d be probably laughing at some meme in their mind while the teacher is delivering the lecture. They’re satisfied with their lifestyle and don’t want to bring any change in it. However, like us, they are also confused about why are they studying pre-medical in the first place.

9. The fun people:
These students know how to lift the mood of the whole class by cracking a random joke in the middle of the class. They’re the popular kids in the class, good with studies, friends with almost everyone and always laughing around. They always have alternate career options ready in case they don’t get admission in college so stressing about admission is not their thing.

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