Are You a Follower of "Firm doesn't matter, Skill matters" ideology? If you are applying in Non-Big four firms and you have any confusion about the test and interview this blog is for you. ​


Firms test basic concepts. They don't test remote topics. We can say anyone having grip over major concepts of Accounting, Auditing and Business law can pass the test. For example, you will be required to apply a provision of Law to any given scenario or solve a few questions in the accounting portion. For the general knowledge portion, you must be aware of current affairs. It is not tricky like ICAP's paper. They know you have come here after passing ICAP's exams. Relax and go with the flow. 


The basic questions that are being asked are as follows:

1.    Subject related questions are not tough at all. They ask general questions that are in "SUBCONSCIOUS MIND" of the interviewer. Like, what is a Private limited company? Most questions are "open-ended question". You must try to answer quickly. Most of your answers will be correct because all this information is stored in your subconscious brain and you will be able to respond instantly.
2.    They will ask questions from the answers you are telling them. For example, if you say You cleared A.F.C in FIRST ATTEMPT they might ask "What is the full form of A.F.C"?
3.    Before going for an interview with any firm "Google" some information about the firm or visit their "Web-site", which is even better.
4.    Think of simple yet unique answers for questions like "Introduce yourself" now please avoid telling the place of your birth or what you like to eat. Tell them something about your personality traits that will benefit their organization in the future.
5.    While answering questions like "What are your strengths and weaknesses", be honest and present your skills as your strengths. Don't talk about negative stuff even if you are telling your weakness try to tell something which is not a weakness.
6.    The Medium of communication: They judge your communication skills and sharpness. Keep in mind, if an interviewer asks questions in English answers must be delivered in English and if he talks in Urdu, you must also reply in Urdu.

To be on a safer side, make a file of your documents. Keep 2 or 3 copies of your CV, photocopies of other documents, a pen, stapler, gum stick and pictures. You never know when you will need these. Also, firms call so urgently at random times that you won't have time to pick up stuff at the last minute. Be prepared for interviews 24/7 till you get registered.


Wear decent and neat clothes. Don't try anything new that day. Do a simple and subtle makeover that you know how it will turn out. As a complementary tip of the day, Keep some mouth fresheners or toffees with you. Many times this happens, your throat gets dried before an interview. Avoid these to the extent possible. Pay proper attention to your hygiene.


Pray to ALLAH and donate some money before going for a test or interview because no one knows what is up next but Allah Almighty knows and He is the best planner. Our lives will be so distracted without HIS mercy. Be confident, act normal plus professional. Present yourself as you are the only suitable candidate for this seat.

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