Did you screw up your 10th or 12th-grade result this year? Are you not satisfied with your marks in one or more subjects? No problem! We know a trick that will tremendously increase your official 10th or 12th-grade marks within one month like it’s nothing and you can have a 5-times-better academic future. Sounds like magic, right?

Say “thank you” to the Government because it has designed “Complementary Exams” for you that have the sole purpose of helping students improve their results WITHOUT wasting a single academic year. You don’t always get such a golden chance to redo something you messed up before but when you do, make sure you don’t miss it!

A Summary of Complementary Exams

Complimentary exams are actually “special exams” and they are supposed to be special as well because of their huge benefits. Being special, these exams are nowhere near to be difficult at all because you DON’T have to prepare for complete books once again but only the topics carefully selected by qualified examiners. Prepare yourself for the topics of the subjects you want to retake the exams for and easily modify your final result. 

For your complete preparation of complementary exams, Nearpeer offers crash courses in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics that you can find right here! These highly filtered and carefully designed courses will take your marks from 40% to 90%+ within a month! 

Hurry up because the following are the official dates of complimentary exams:

If you have passed your F.Sc or Matric (got at least 33% marks) or even if you’ve been absent in your exams, you are eligible to apply for the complementary ones. However, you can only improve the elective subjects and not the compulsory ones; the marks in the compulsory exams are considered final. 

The Most Important Information!

Have you signed up for the exams already? No? Then do it now because;

    To learn how to apply for complementary exams in 2021 and a lot more, go through the short course and you wouldn’t have to go anywhere else for the complete details.

    Thank us later!