This is exclusively for the students who have recently cleared their matriculation examination and have minds filled with lots of questions about further studies. They can’t decide what degree they should now choose mostly because they don’t know which degree contains which subjects. 

If you’re one of those students, then we congratulate you on two things - first, for passing your matriculation, and second in advance for getting to know everything in a while about the subjects in the intermediate level degrees in Pakistan; F.Sc, FA, ICS, and ICOM. 

Know that there are two types of subject groups: Compulsory and Optional/Elective. 

The Compulsory Subjects (Common in all Intermediate Groups)

There are subjects that you have to study regardless of the degree; F.Sc, FA, ICOM, or ICOM. Here’s the compulsory group of subjects:

1. Urdu

2. English

3. Pakistan Studies

4. Islamic Studies (“Ethics” for the Non-Muslims)

Other than these subjects, you have a set of elective subjects for each degree to choose from. Make sure that you choose the subjects that interest you the most and not the ones that others have told you about. 

Subject Combinations in the Faculty of Science (F.Sc)

Pre-Engineering and pre-medical - we’re sure that you have heard of these terms already. But do you know what they actually mean? Pre-engineering, as the name implies, refers to necessary education before going for a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E or B.Eng). Similarly, pre-medical refers to the education prior to a Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) or a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS). 

It depends on your interest which field you would like to choose; either F.Sc Pre-Engineering or F.Sc Pre-Medical. Here’s a list of subjects that both degrees include:

F.Sc Pre-Engineering Subjects




One must be very much familiar with solving complex mathematical problems of different sorts before stepping into the field of engineering, hence “Mathematics”. “Physics” and “Chemistry”, on the other hand, are here to give you versatility when choosing your undergraduate program.

F.Sc Pre-Medical Subjects

If doctors, dentists, or any other medical field effortlessly fascinates you, then F.Sc Pre-Medical is for you! This group holds three subjects too:




Biology is there for obvious reasons while Physics and Chemistry definitely help in a lot of medical understandings and of course, common knowledge. 

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Subject Combinations in Faculty of Arts (F.A)

Yes, F.A isn't "Fine Arts" but "Faculty of Arts" and is a preferable degree for students who want to pursue their education in arts and humanities. The following groups of subjects are offered in F.A.

Group I

1. Statistics

2. Geography

3. English Literature

4. Languages

5. Arabic

6. Advance Urdu

7. French

8. Persian

Group II





5. Fine Arts

6. Education

Group III

1. Economics

2. Psychology

3. Islamic History

4. World History

5. Music

6. Physical Education

Subject Combinations in Intermediate of Computer Science (ICS)

Want to be an IT expert or get an excellent grasp on software or web development, then ICS is the first step of the ladder. You can choose one of the following subject groups in ICS:

Group I



3.Computer Science

Group II

1. Statistics

2. Mathematics 

3. Computer Science

Group III

1. Statistics

2. Economics

3. Computer Science

Subject Combinations in Intermediate of Commerce (I.COM) 

Have an aim to start your own business or want to pursue your career as a chartered accountant? Pick I.COM! Here's the list of subjects you have to study in the 1st year and 2nd year of your I.COM:

Goup I

1. Economics 

2. Accounting 

3. Business Math 

4. Commerce

Group II

1. Banking 

2. Accounting 

3. Geography 

4. Statistics

In the end, the choice is completely yours. If you can't decide which intermediate degree you would like to go for, our student counselors are always there to give you the best advice. Reach out to them at 03111444734.