Ever wondered how intelligent people get so successful in their exams? No topper, we'll repeat, no topper will tell you the real secret behind their amazing results by the end of the course, BUT WE WILL! And the secret is… *drum roll*... PRE-F.Sc!

Yes, they start studying F.Sc much before its actual commencement. Let us tell you how Pre-F.Sc can change lives!

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Ab sach sach batana, before getting enrolled into 9th class, were you prepared for algebra? Projectile motion? Chemical equilibrium? Or worse, the cell cycle from biology? The answer is definitely “no!”

People might have said this to you a lot, “Baita bus matric kar lo, agay mojain hein.” No, don’t believe in this at all. It’s obvious that things start to get harder as you go up a level. It’s the same as you go from matric to F.Sc. 

It’s not a good idea to jump directly into F.Sc because of four major reasons:

  1. Other students will be on the 8th chapter and you’ll be stuck on the 2nd. 
  2. It will take you a lot of time to understand the topics.
  3. Your F.Sc will become super stressful to you.
  4. You will hesitate a lot in asking questions to the teachers. 

    This is where Pre-F.Sc classes become a need of the hour. 

    To literally make the opposite of the above-mentioned points, just join Nearpeer’s FREE Pre 1st Year Classes 2021.

    No Need to Leave Your Home

    We’ve just got free from the exams, koi chhutti nahi milay gi ab? Bros, chhutti hi chhutti hai! Nearpeer’s Pre-F.Sc classes are completely online and let YOU decide how you want to take them. Don’t want them in the morning? Fine, how about in the afternoon? No? Okay, let’s do it in the evening. Still no? Taking them before going to sleep would be awesome too. 

    Go through pre first year classes with Nearpeer while at home and get that amazing boost in your intermediate journey that your parents long for!

    You Won’t Be Left Behind

    Before even starting your actual F.Sc, if you take the pre first year online classes, you know that you won’t ever be left behind. The maths teacher comes up with some weird calculus problems - everyone else in the classroom is like “kill me, please!” and you’re like “meh, I know the concepts, it’s easy.”

    Imagine how awesome you will perform in the final exams thanks to Nearpeer’s Free Online Pre-F.Sc course. 

    You Will Save Time

    During your F.Sc session, while the others are studying 8 hours a day just to understand one topic of a subject, you will only take one or two hours at max and then you can go socialize. This is how your free pre 1st year classes at Nearpeer will pay off. 

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