A lot of you don't have any idea about what SAT is? Which universities in Pakistan take SAT? How one can register and take SAT? And the number of other questions. So, in this article, we will cover everything from A to Z. Let's start without further ado. 


1. ​What is SAT?

SAT is Scholastic Assessment Test that is conducted by college board in order to test the aptitude of the students. Most of the Universities world wide require SAT as their admission entry test.

2. Where can I Register for SAT?

For SAT registrations, you have to apply at college board website.

3. Which Subjects are Included in SAT?

SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) consist of TWO SUBJECTS namely:

-Mathematics (Basic Level)

-English (Basic Level)

Note: If you are a pre-medical student and reading this, do not bounce back by the name of Mathematics. Read further!


4. Mainy tou kbhi Mathematics nhi parha (after my matric/o' level), so how can I take SAT?

So, a lot of you especially pre-medical students, gets bogged down on knowing that SAT includes the Math portion but if you feel anxious about this, then that is okay. It is understandable. 

Let me clear you that, SAT math is basic level math, it includes very basic level questions. It is matric/o' level standard mathematics. 

So, nothing to worry about if you have not studied it lately, you can still ace it with a little practice. Trust me! 

Note: Most of the students who apply to LUMS are from pre-medical background. So, if they can make it into LUMS by successfully acing SAT, then you can too.


5. What are the total marks on SAT?

The new SAT comes from a total of 1600 score. The breakdown of the whole SAT is as follows

-Evidence-Based Reading and Writing; Scale ranging from 200 to 800 and 

-Math; 200 to 800 

-Essay; 2 to 8 on each of three dimensions i.e., Reading, Analysis and Writing. 

6. Which Universities require SAT-1?

In Pakistan, LUMS, IBA, NUST, LSE requires SAT. However, NUST has very limited seats for SAT test-based admissions. And Lahore School of Economics (LSE) conduct their own test which is just like SAT. So, if you are preparing for SAT for LUMS, you will have an advantage as you won't need to prepare for LSE, separately.



7. Which Colleges Require Sat-1 with Essay?

LUMS require the SAT-1 with Essay. Most students take SAT-1 for LUMS. And if you are also going to take SAT-1 for LUMS, then of course you need to take it with an essay. Therefore, we would suggest you take SAT-1 with an essay for once and apply to LUMS, IBA and NUST (limited seats). Because you wouldn't want to spend $68 on SAT-1 registration just to take it once with an essay and once without an essay. 

Now, that essay has been removed by the college board. It will still be available in the regions where universities require it mandatory. So, just like previously, LUMS will continue SAT-1 with essay. 

If you want to know more about SAT and how you can get into LUMS, read this article here

8. Can we Apply to the above-mentioned Universities without giving SAT?

You cannot apply to LUMS without giving SAT. However, you can apply to IBA Karachi by giving just their Aptitude Test and not SAT. Same criteria for the NUST. 

Pro-tip: If you want to apply to LUMS, IBA, NUST then we will suggest you to take SAT-1, for once. In this way, you won't have to take SAT first for LUMS, then IBA' Aptitude Test and NET for NUST. You can use one SAT for all the universities, simultaneously. 

However, it is entirely your choice which tests you want to give. 



9. What score is considered the Best SAT score? 

So this is a very vague question. But a lot of you guys ask, so let's answer for once and for all. If you are applying for LUMS, then you need to know this clearly, that it is NOT ONLY the SAT scores that matter. For LUMS, you need to have a good percentage in matric and FSc and good grades in O levels and A levels. 

If you've done matric and FSc then you should get 80% plus marks to increase your chances and if you've done O/A Levels then you should have minimum 6As in o' level and higher grades than BBC, to be on the safe side. 

However, if you are applying to the IBA Karachi, then you need to have at least a 1250/1600 score to get admission. And same is the case for the Lahore School of Economics (LSE).

Note: Lahore School of Economics have their own test but it is just like SAT so if you are preparing for SAT for LUMS, you would have an advantage as you wouldn't need to prepare for LSE, separately. 


10. Top Universities as a Backup Option

Having a backup option or a Plan B should be a thing in your life. And if currently, it is not, then you should make one.

Nobody can guarantee you, NOT EVEN ME, that you will go into your dream university. Well, we hope you do, but GOD Forbids if you do not, then there should be something on which you can safely fall on rather than falling flat on your face.

Keeping the backup option will help you land safely. So, you all should have a side option of TOP UNIVERSITIES and keep yourself mentally prepared that if for any reasons, you do not get into your desired university (GOD FORBID) then you will take SAT and make your way to the top universities like LUMS, IBA, Lahore school of economics (LSE).


If you want to settle for any degree then why do it from any middle standard university? Why not study for the same degree from any top class institute? 

Do you wish to make 20,000/- PKR in a month or 100,000/- PKR in a month?? Well, I know you would want to make a latter figure. So why not make your decision wisely?

You should definitely choose the Top Universities.

If you want career-related guidance and how you can apply to LUMS, IBA, NUST, LSE after your MDCAT then talk to our counsellors now.

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