Every single day, you wake up with the motivation of getting everything done and being productive. You know it's do-able, you know that if you sit like a decent and responsible person, you can get all your work done but procrastination just does not let you do it! And you keep lying in your bed, staring at the wall or watching random videos on your phone UNTIL you're OUT OF TIME. Congratulations!

Here's the sequence of events in the day of a master procrastinator:

Waking up: 7 AM: You’re all enthusiastic about the day. YAY! We’re gonna slay the dayyyy and do all the tasks we’ve piled up. Today is THE DAY ladiessss and gentlemen!!

10 AM: You’re in the middle of lecture, planning how you’re going to revise everything ma’am is teaching and you'll cover everything. Yes. Ok.

1 PM: You’re kinda tired. You're like “ummm okay i'm still motivated but ill definitely take a nap I deserve it. Self care. Yay. Mental health first.” But no, motivation is still 101. (at least that’s what you tell your heart.)

3 PM: You're home. You're running to your bed. You throw your bag. No thought process right now. Nothing. Just an alarm of 2 hours later even though you told yourself the nap will stay an hour only.

5 PM: The alarm rings. You don’t even know. The alarm is ringing. You don’t even know. The alarm has stopped ringing. RIP alarm. It has died. You don’t even know. Sleep QWEEEEN.

6 PM: You're STILL sleeping in the bed, dead. Having a zero idea of the settling sun.

7 PM: Your mom raids the room and screams “wake up already. You never study. What are you doing with your life. Do you even……..” this continues in the background while your still half asleep, your brain is still trying to process WHAT THE HELL SBDKJEBWHWHEB WHERE AM I IWIEFNWVFWUB? But finally you understand that you're in your same damn room on the same bed. A potato overslept. You’re the potato. 


7:30 PM: Now you completely understand what has happened. But you’re still trying to stay positive about the situation. No no. don’t get stressed. It’s okay.. it’s about two hours only. You'll cover it. Lets just check the Instagram a little to freshen ourselves and then we will be off to study. Yes ok. We will check phone till 8.

9 PM: “Hahaha cutting people’s earphones in public and then gifting them new air pods” what a content. He is so funny wow. Wait what… no what wait no what?? YOU'RE STILL ON THE PHONE. Someone has completely forgotten about the work they had to do and who is someone? YOU. You are someone.

9:30 PM: YOU REALIZED ITS SO LATE WHAT EVEN HOW CAN YOU DO THIS YOU HAD SO MUCH TO DO OH NO WHY. You text a friend to get motivation, to talk about it to them. They tell you it’s okay its fine and that they haven’t studied a word too. They tell you “you deserve it. YOU are important” yes you’re important yes. I’ll study at least one subject after this one video. Yes.

11 PM: What have you done…. A whole day wasted. You haven’t studied a word. You had so much planned. Oh God why? How could this possibly go wrong? You did absolutely nothing. But now it’s useless to study anything. How much time is left anyways? It’s so dark.

11:30 PM: That guilt trip is hitting hard. Let’s just watch a few more videos. Anyways it’s not gonna be a motivating day.

12 AM: It's late. Let’s sleep. I’ll start a goooood day from tomorrow. I’ll do all my tasks tomorrow. Yes. No compromise okay. Let’s sleep.


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