How to prepare numerical subjects in the remaining time: 

Written by: Arfa Sadia

At this eleventh hour, many students are hustling to find a short cut to crack exams.  Here I have some handy tips that might help you to tackle the lengthy course and secure passing marks. All these tips are tried and tested. I cleared FAR1 and FAR2 in the first attempt just by sticking to simple rules.

Important Note:

Consider this before reading further. If you have taken classes of subjects but couldn’t study daily or missed some lectures then don’t worry, you can still pass. Control your nerves and don’t panic. Two subjects is a doable thing in the remaining time if you plan and manage correctly. Your seriousness pass matters the most.

1: Select questions:

Decide questions which you need to practice. They can be those your teacher told you to solve. Draw two columns in the first column write down question number and attempt of question. Leave the other column, I will tell in a while what to do there.

2: Read questions:

Thoroughly read the question. Highlight what is new in that question. Write that in the column you left empty previously, in front of corresponding question number. Also, note what is different in this question from the previous question. In this way, you will know what you need to learn plus its extent and scope.

3: Learn to collect useful data:

Develop this skill of finding data that is required to solve question from a detailed numerical. Read requirement first and then read given data to find needed values.

4: The practice is time taking:

It is not easy to solve 20 or 30 questions per topic also it is not sane. What I used to do was, I read the question thoroughly and solve similar/common points in my mind and look at the solution directly for knowing new points. And note that on my register. Writing down rules helped me pass my exams easily.

5: Written practice:

The written practice is a mandatory requirement to clear a numerical paper. Rank topics and practice to such level that procedure sticks in your mind. Relatively difficult topics shall be practiced at least three times and relatively simple topics two times.

6: Why practicing more is not fruitful

When you practice past papers you only solve those points which have been tested already. But when you note points, study theory and see solution of question you gather many new points which have not been previously tested.

Attempting paper:

While attempting 

A: Solve 3 questions full. You should be sure that your solution is 110% correct.

B: 2 questions 70% to 80% correct.

C: Remaining questions, must attempt all questions, make formats, put few values and do workings. ICAP awards marks for every point separately. Hence increasing your chance to pass.

Believe it or not, during FAR2 I wrote important points two times just because there were a lot of minor points in every standard and they vanish from mind quickly. Therefore, the grip on the concept and keep points in mind is the key to pass accounting exams in the remaining time.

Hope these points help you plan your paper well. Good luck with the upcoming attempt. 

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