The Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) has brought about a huge change in their exam policy and it might be a problem for the students of both Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC). However, this change can be the reason for a much improved and successful career.

Another but somewhat similar big news is circulating the internet regarding the Punjab Board and students are literally losing their minds. Of course, it’s a wonderful and much-needed change in our education system that we’ve been expecting for years. The news is about the change in the examination system of matric and intermediate level education; the Punjab Board has eliminated the rote-learning system completely and announced that the exams will entirely have a conceptual base. The Punjab Board hasn’t recommended using other textbooks. This means that you must prepare for your Punjab Board exams conceptually through Punjab Text Book Board’s books. Click here now to find the easiest and most efficient way to prepare for intermediate-level exams.

We know that the Federal Board has always recommended the textbooks from Punjab Board, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Board, and a few from the Federal Board itself for the students to study from. The final exam was always supposed to be designed according to the mentioned textbooks. Now, the Federal Board of education has announced to publicize  Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs), which is a list of topics, within 1-2 weeks. The SLOs will be uploaded to FBISE’s website. To start preparing for your Federal Board exams, talk to our friendly counselor right now!

The thing that might be a little problematic for the students is that this is the end of the era of “ratta”. The rote learning system of the education boards in Pakistan has destroyed the academics of hundreds of thousands of students ever since. The students have always been required to literally memorize the wordings of various definitions, topics, and a lot more. In some boards, the examiners don’t even grant the students the marks they deserved even if they correctly answered a question only because they used their own words. 

This rote learning system is finally being put down by FBISE which is not only beneficial for the students’ academics but for their professional life as well. This is the evolution of Pakistan’s education system as it gives us the hope to illuminate the future of this generation. 

FBISE is now promoting the culture of conceptual learning, hence the SLOs. Through SLOs, the students will be able to prepare for their exams in an exciting way so they gain an ever-lasting passion for learning. Since FBISE will publicize the SLOs in about 2 weeks and the students are still studying, the authorities have advised the students to study from the textbooks of the Balochistan and the KPK Board. 

The final examination papers of both SSC and HSSC shall be designed according to the SLOs. However, the exam pattern hasn’t been defined yet. The moment the SLOs and the exam pattern are released, Nearpeer will be the first to inform you! Stay tuned and we will provide you with all the helping material you need to hit A+ grades in all subjects this year!

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