As anticipated earlier the Inter and Matric exams are to be held earlier next year.  The committee of chairmen of the educational boards decided to replace the current grading system at the inter and matric levels with a 10-point system across the country. Also, the minimum passing marks will be increased to 40%.  These decisions are made for the better focus of students towards learning, providing quality education and stopping the race of getting better marks among the students.  It has also been approved in the meeting that matric and inter exams will be held in April and May and the results will be announced by August. The terms “F” or “Fail” would be removed from the student’s examination remarks and in its place, a new term “U” which means unsatisfactory would be introduced. WhatsApp us for more information at 03111444734.

10-point grading system:

Range of Percentages Grades
95-100% marks "A++" or “Exceptional”
90-95% marks "A+" or “Outstanding
85-90% marks "A" or “Remarkable
80-85% marks "B++" or “Excellent
75-80% marks "B+" or “Very Good”
70-75% marks "B" or “Good”
60-70% marks "C" or “Fair”
50-60% marks "D" or “Satisfactory”
40-50% marks "E" or “Sufficient”
Below 40% "U"- unsatisfactory

The new marking system will be presented in the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) soon and it will be introduced across the country after receiving IBCC approval.

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