Nearpeer is going strong as a leading EdTech in Pakistan, with over 500,000 enrollments on our top online educational platform. Nearpeer has been catering to more than 120,000 students for the last five years, along with remaining the largest EdTech B2C vertical company in Pakistan. But we can't change Pakistan’s education ecosystem on our own. Collaboration is built into Nearpeer’s fabric and the workplace. We are always eager to join hands, with both like-minded and divergent partners.

Today at The University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore during the UET official declamation contest, Nearpeer’s Head of Partnerships and Outreach, Izzat Mallick, and other Nearpeer team members visited the campus. We wanted to brief students about the exciting opportunities waiting for them, including but not limited to a 40% discount on our CSS program. We also sponsored up to 50,000 PKR for the UET students!

Nearpeer also had physical sign-ups at our set up with the standee banner, with dozens of students signing up and availing our services. Hundreds of fliers were distributed on the male and female campuses. Nearpeer also brought along Dawood Saleemi and Abrar Ahmad, UET graduates and CSS officers who teach our CSS program, and whom UET students know and look up to.

CSS was also not the only course that sparked interest, students inquired and signed up for our University, MDCAT, Entry Tests, and other courses, owing to our high-quality material along with exciting discounts and reasonably priced courses.

Nearpeer is here to help you with all your CSS troubles with our high-quality, online CSS classes, along with other courses. Competitors simply can not match. Check out our courses for our reasonable prices and exciting discounts. Check out our All You need to prepare for CSS 2022 video, an exclusive Course by Sir Abrar (PAS, CSS 2017). The course is currently 40% off on our website, so head there now! Also, our video on CSS ki tayyari kay liye Newspapers chor dein!. This is an absolute must-watch if you are looking to give the CSS next year!

Are you looking for Nearpeer to visit your campus too? Well, reach out to us on our Facebook and Instagram handles! Stay informed with future CSS updates through Nearpeer Blogs and our social media handles, including our official Facebook and Instagram. We know how to prepare for the CSS the RIGHT way. And as always, happy learning!