Where digitization of education is taking place in COVID times, having the gadget to study online is becoming a need. Most of the students belong to the households where only one device is available and hence, it becomes immensely difficult to cope with online/virtual classes.

Nearpeer, an Ed-tech company, started by two LUMS graduates, has been offering quality online courses in many market domains. The pledge to serve the community and provide Nearpeer is digitally empowering the less-privileged students of FSc and MDCAT with free Phones and Tablets.Description

-Take a Course and Get a Free TAB/Phone  

There might be a lot of individuals who cannot afford to study online considering the lack of resources and the fact that most of our population is not that tech-savvy

To cater to the needs of such students, Nearpeer is striving to digitally enable everyone by giving 100 Free TAB/PHONE upon enrolling in MDCAT and FSc program. So that each and every one of you can continue your studies without any limitations.


-Invest in your Mustaqbil

Nearpeer's mission is to provide accessible and affordable education across Pakistan, irrespective of economic and demographic background. To all those, who belong to a financially unstable background and aspire to do something in their life, Nearpeer provides them with appropriate installment plans so that they carry on with their future plans. 

Nearpeer's vision is to see Pakistan as a nation state where nobody is left behind in the pursuit of quality education. If you have that salt to achieve your dreams, we will provide you with the gateway to accomplish them without any limitations. Therefore, invest in your education today to enjoy a better tomorrow. There is a powerful saying, 


Taleem kay zaiwar sey bhar ker koi zewar nahi, aj yeh zewar hoga tou kal tm dunia ka koi bhi zaiwar khareed skty hou. 

These initiatives are not just for those who are already continuing their education but also for all those who have to quit their education due to financial constraints or due to lack of adequate resources. 

If you are one of those students, contact us at 0311 1444734 and we will guide you.