FREE Education: Federal Board X Nearpeer 

The quality of education in Pakistan is not as high as the Cambridge or other foreign education systems and the major problem is none other than “rote-learning.” Our students are stuck in a loop of learning exactly what they are told to learn and not being able to think critically and conceptually. This is exactly the reason why building rockets or designing highly-complex electronic circuits is barely a thing of a person who studied from the local education system of Pakistan. Pakistan’s economy is being highly affected because of this. 

Keeping this in mind, Nearpeer partnered with the Federal Board of education to bring a huge evolution in the history of education in Pakistan. We shook hands with the Government for the purpose of digitizing education for over 500,000 students and instructors.

The Federal Board had designed and introduced an entirely new SLO-based paper pattern and teaching-learning model countrywide in December 2021. We are proud to announce that Nearpeer shall be the torch-bearer of this change management. 

The core purpose of this is to ensure the end of the rote-learning system and promote concept-based learning to immensely enhance the quality of graduates from our local education system. For this, we will coordinate with the Federal Board and head the mentorship of teachers/instructors. 

Nearpeer, being Pakistan’s biggest online learning platform, introduced this idea with 3 strong objectives:

To Evolutionize Pakistan’s Local Education System

Why is it that the kids of the foreign board are better critical thinkers than the ones studying under the local education system of Pakistan? To eliminate this, the Federal Board has brought a big change to the local education system that will allow hundreds of thousands of Pakistani students to become sharp, critical, and conceptual learners.

The education and exam patterns will now be changed by Nearpeer and the Federal Board to bring us up to par with the Cambridge system. This is to guarantee that our students develop the same level of critical thinking and intelligence as their O/A Level counterparts. Nearpeer is honored to be the flag bearers at this stage, where the Federal board is working, and we will assist them in realizing their vision of making education more effective and beneficial.

To Promote Online Education and Save Lots of Money

Why should students attend school and then attend academies? Why can't students attend school while still having control over their education? It is their right to decide what to learn, when to learn, how to learn, how much to learn, and how fast to learn. Students differ in their interests, learning styles, pace, and efficiency.

Mr. Ammar Ali Ayub, the co-founder and CEO of Nearpeer, says in an interview: “It doesn’t make sense that the parents spend fees on schools in the morning and on academies in the evening.”

This is why Nearpeer is absolutely free for all students participating under this particular system. This will allow students to take charge of their education while also immensely lowering their educational costs.

To Introduce Matric-Tech for Technical Education Starting From Matric

Nearpeer will collaborate on Matric-Tech (Matric and F.Sc Technical) with the Federal Board with the goal of starting technical education at the matriculation level so that students may study much better in Matric-Tech and contribute to the economy.

Because we're doing everything digitally, anyone with a phone and an Internet connection may join Matric-Tech any time they want. Even if a student comes from a rural area, he or she may quickly train himself/herself in technical skills, acquire a degree, and begin contributing to the economy.

If parents and students work together with Nearpeer and the Federal Board to achieve this goal, they will be able to simplify their lives and save a lot of money while pursuing a high-quality education that will benefit not only them but also their nation.