My Story of Efforts vs. Evilness of ICAP

Written by: Fasiha Alam 

Once upon a time, wait; do you really think I am going to tell a story?

Since I started like that, I will tell you a short one, based on my time in CA yet. It’s less of a story and more of my experience though. Alhamdulillah, now I am going to attempt my last papers of CAF and flourishing. 

Today, I'm not going to bore you people with all the quoted sayings about efforts or other motivational stuff that is least related to reality. Instead, I would like you to grasp some important things on a lighter note, about how to tackle evilness of ICAP.

When I decided to enroll myself as a CA student, it made me feel like a president. The management also put up a friendly act to make me feel more special. So, clap and a special mention to their hilarious performance and charming net.

But jokes apart, when I was in AFC, I was that told it was the easiest stage of CA but come on man, why I never realized it as an obvious trap from our very own ICAP to enroll students into CAF level.

As expected ICAP welcomes us wholeheartedly into CAF only to give us a taste of that bitter medicine, that we need to swallow in every single attempt. Having resemblance to Dexter laboratory, even after preparing too much, in every attempt they teased us like DiDi. The process continues in later stages also.

In my whole journey as a CA student till now, I learned one thing which I want to share; our dedication matters a lot, no matter how evil ICAP gets.

I was never a brilliant student or a high achiever but my chosen field, besides all the wrath, cherishes my learning for how to bring perfection in my work and myself. I failed many times and with every failure got awareness about my weaknesses, whether related to time management or lack of practice wherever it was necessary. It led me to grasp the most crucial trick about how to tackle our beloved opponent.

Now I'm in the right spot; obviously, I have passed almost all my papers and now at relief. Isn’t it an honor that you are not going to be unemployed? I’m grateful, for all the hardships for polishing me into a professional person, more than that into a disciplined being. It took me nothing to achieve my goals but only a sketch model of 5 steps which I drew for myself to come out of the quicksand of failures. Those five steps include:

1: Plan

2: Work

3: Test

4: Develop skills and make shortcuts

5: Comprehensive assessment

I started my work with a flexible plan. From day one, I used to give reasonable time to each subject and by revising lectures daily for understanding the main ideas. For better retention, it’s essential to work on it as well by practicing questions related to it or by discussing your queries with your fellows or teachers.

What makes a man perfect is nothing but practice and self-assessment, so it is necessary to analyze our weak points by attempting different tests to become aware of our weakness.

After all this and after analyzing the whole scenario and where we are standing, there comes a mastering stage where we further polish ourselves. Test on an overall basis is the last step includes attempting different mocks, which you can say is a polishing step where we are at the point of perfection in the subject and a warmup for the bigger challenge.

By following these simple steps, I was able to stand against the storm, and it was easy to pass without any hurdles, but it required consistency. Being a student, it's not mandatory to serve your whole time on studies, because I am a fun loving person myself, but used to give my education few hours daily as well to get to where I wanted to be, along with keeping my fun life at its peak.

Remember one thing, "Balance is a key," keeping a balance in your life and studies is important because, with a relaxed mind and proper planning, you can achieve anything. Where you guys are growing towards perfection by putting your efforts, how it could be possible for some evilness to create hurdle between you and your goals.

“Keep your guards up, your sight clearer, swords sharpest and always be ready for the battle warriors.''

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