Ever since the pandemic has taken over our lives, the dynamic of learning has been shifted to Online Resources i.e. online classes, video recorded lectures etc. It is understandably right that adapting to this new change is a little challenging but not impossible. 

Where it is difficult to cope up with this new change, this shift has also given rise to several questions regarding the authenticity of online learning. As nowadays, online learning is in demand because of the need of the hour, that’s why various misconceptions regarding it need to be cleared once and for all. Some of them are described below. 

 Lower Quality Education as Compared to Physical Classes

Many students, as well as parents, think that online education is a waste of money and time, they think that online education is a SCAM and even if they get their child to enroll in it, the institutes will get away with the money. Therefore, they do not want to take any RICKS, I mean risk.


​Well, this is a huge myth that needs to be disregarded. I know that there some courses that are very poorly designed by various institutes since they are new to it but you can’t blame the whole mode of learning as poor quality of education. Some institutes have years of experience in online education and they are well known for their authenticity and quality and one of them is Nearpeer.org

Recently, Nearpeer.org has been recognized and nominated as one of the best Pakistani based Education Company by BestStartup.asia. 

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Nearpeer has been the first largest online education platform providing quality education since 2015 and today over 100,000K students are learning from the platform. Not only that, Nearpeer has born successful students that are now top CSPs, some of them are admitted to the top universities of Pakistan such as LUMS, LSE, IBA. Moving on, some of the students have topped in their MDCAT and are now in top tier medical colleges of Pakistan. Last but not the least, Nearpeer has also born qualified Chartered AccountantsThe success stories are endless.




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• Online classes are blow-off classes

Most people think that online classes don’t have that much workload as compared to traditional physical classes and take it very lightly. They think that, there are no time limits. But certainly, there are some time restrictions in online classes too. Like assignment submission due dates, set time to solve particular quiz etc. And if anyone continuously ignores these time limits, there are greater chances of failing that subject.

After all, this is in our nature that jb tk danda na hou sar par, koi nahi parhta. Right? But, in actual, online classes prove to be more rigorous and most of the time the workload is equal to that of physical classes. However, the workload is manageable since you can study whenever you want.


You can’t Interact with Your Mates

It is true up to some extent that we can’t meet our fellows in person. But interaction doesn’t necessarily need to be physical. You can have interactive sessions via Zoom, Skype or any other virtual session app. You can do discussions on various topics or you can simply have a chit chat with each other to know and understand each other. 

And when it comes to interacting with your peers while learning online, Nearpeer understands how important it is to have a classroom community where everybody can interact with each other and learn together. Therefore, Neapreer not only provides you with online learning but also provides you with a platform where you can interact with your peers as well as your instructors so that you do not feel the void of physical classrooms. 

Not Worth the Money 

There is another widespread misconception that various online courses, workshops, webinars, etc. are a waste of money since they are made just for the sake of it.  This misconception should be dumped immediately because there are certain organizations providing excellent quality education along with certificates but yes you should do your research before enrolling in any online learning institute


 Quality Gadgets are Must to Study Online

Up to some extent, this thing makes sense that everyone must have a proper gadget whether it is a computer or a smart mobile device, to have a smooth learning experience. But having a good system doesn’t mean that it should be new and is loaded with various features. What is required is just a simple device, in good working condition. If you have such a device, you’re good to go. 

But unfortunately sometimes most of the students come from a household where they have only one device and they have to use that on a sharing basis. Where digitization of education is taking place in COVID times, having the gadget to study online is becoming a necessity. Keeping this in view, Nearpeer is striving to digitally enable every child by giving a free TAB/PHONE upon enrolling in MDCAT and FSc program

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