The Mistake

Appearing for matric board exams is indeed a significant milestone in life. Spending ten years in your school life and finally being able to appear for the annual exams makes you a senior among your schoolmates. Younger students look up to you, and you act as a role model for them. However, comparing this milestone to the other steps and challenges in life, this may seem like a stepping stone. There is no doubt that the exam pressure during matric is great since it's the first time a student experiences a unique examination setting. It is unique because, unlike school days, the student has to take the exam in an unfamiliar test center. The paper is neither prepared nor checked by your teacher so that certainty is lost, and the exam takes place in a neutral and unbiased setting.

Because of this pressure, students often panic and tend to follow what their seniors did or follow the general trend. Without putting much thought into it, they think that the academy is necessary to get good grades because most people attend them. The fear around board exams makes most students think it's something unusual and complex that they're incapable of preparing for. As a result, students end up joining academies that establish bad study practices where students become too dependent on spoon-feeding coaching culture.

Solution to this Problem?

It is pretty simple and helpful. Students should research, study the syllabus, and check the paper pattern. All of these resources are available online (Nearpeer FSc). By looking this up, you would know that FSc exams and their preparation is not an impossible thing to do. A student can easily get good grades with self-studying provided the proper guidance.

Going to academies is pointless when you're already attending college and paying its fee. Focusing during class lectures and doing reflection and revision at home would make you a top student. Piling up work for the end of the year when the exams are approaching is impractical. As for your friends, skipping academies would save you more time than you can spend on your friends and family or a hobby.

Since Matric and FSc exams usually occur at the end of the academic year, the daily study pressure is not so intense. If you don't waste your time on academies, you will easily be able to manage time for learning a skill and earn some money on the side. This side hustle will prepare you for the future and make you financially independent. So what do you think is better? Learning and monetizing a skill alongside studies or spending parents' hard-earned money on colleges and academies at once?

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