Did you also grow up hearing 'Matric me mehnat karlo uske baad sab asaan hai.'? Well, guess what? Life and studies are only going to get tougher from here. But, worry not, because Nearpeer FSc has got your back!

The Myth

The myth that Matric is easier than FSc has been around for a while now, but it is not entirely true. If you are fooled by this myth, you could risk your grades. Sure, Matric is hard since it is the first time you appear for board exams. Understanding the paper pattern and beating the exam anxiety are significant challenges during Matric. But with FSc, even though you have become more familiar with the test-taking process, the paper pattern and curriculum are new.

FSc is the Challenge

The biggest challenge in transitioning from Matric to FSc is the sudden increase in curriculum length and depth. In Matric, each textbook has 9 or 10 chapters for all subjects. The chapters in grade 10 textbooks are usually a continuation of grade 9, making the total chapters around 18 or 20. On the other hand, FSc curriculum typically includes 15 chapters per textbook. Since the academic year length remains the same for Matric and FSc, the FSc students must cover a wider syllabus. Additionally, the syllabus is not lengthier, which is visible from the expanding width of textbooks, but the concepts are also advanced.

More Attention Required

First year curriculum typically builds upon the concepts taught in the 9th grade, and the second-year curriculum expands on 10th-grade concepts. Therefore, if you didn't pay attention to your lessons in school, you might have to go back to your lecture notes to make sense of what's being taught in class. Luckily, with Nearpeer, you can get an overview of your previous concepts that are essential to the present lectures.

Aims with FSc

Regarding the curriculum, FSc is more specific than Matric, which equips you with broader knowledge. FSc generally aims to prepare you for university. As a result, FSc students face additional pressure to prepare for university entrance exams. Most intermediate students take ECAT or MDCAT lessons alongside their FSc exam preparations. The study load is drastically enhanced in these two years. The pressure to score decent grades in FSc exams is also crucial since many university entrance criteria depend on those grades. Therefore, FSc is a critical time in a student's life that determines their university path.

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