The Last Month for exams !!

Every student prefers to study in last month before exams but there's a difference between other students and CA students.

Other students might get A grade after studying in last month, but CA students may not pass just depending upon the last month preparation. So, what is the role of last month for a CA student?

Let suppose You've decided to take 3 papers and you've studied enough throughout the semester and you were confident that you'll pass the paper, but during last month you didn't concentrate on your studies, what will happen next?


Let's discuss the issue

In every attempt, you study a combination of theory subject and accounting subject. During last month we recognize our weak areas and work on those areas i.e.

If I'm weak in, I'll practice more M. Law questions

But I'm not going to ignore other areas of CAF-3 if I ignore all other areas of Business Law I might not perform well in all other areas. Similarly, if I study a subject a lot and ignore others, I might not perform well in other subjects which would lead to failure.

How you can manage the last month?

Last month is crucial to take over your weaknesses. You must manage the last month in a beneficial way

First:  Eliminate your weak areas. What do we do in general? We study a subject that is our favorite and practice that area that we already learned and practiced a lot but ignore our weak areas. We might not be interested in that topic as we already avoided that topic throughout our semester. So, at first complete those topics.

Second: Generally, we take 3 papers and we always study a subject less throughout our semester. In the last month, try to study that subject even more.

Third: During the last month never skip those areas you've already studied throughout the semester. Revise those areas but try to manage the time accordingly. For example, you have practiced IAS2 a lot then just revise IAS2 and don’t consume much time on IAS2.

Fourth: At least try to solve the 5 latest past papers. Don't just read the question and relative answers as we do most of the time. Take a past paper and solve it as you are sitting in the examination hall. It would help you to learn time management and enable you to tackle exam stress.

Fifth: Don’t change your preparation notes or books in the last month. Most of the student study textbooks during their semester and change their books on a suggestion of any friend. This would lead to a disaster that is called Frustration. You have already prepared a book stick to that book the other suggested book would be completed in a new format and style. You would become frustrated and under-confident. So, decide your book at the start of the semester.

Let’s discuss the other side

If you haven’t studied during your semester what would you do in the last month?

I would suggest you work hard in the last month. If you have decided to appear in 3 papers at the start of the semester and didn’t study due to any reason and decided to work hard in the last month then reduce the number of papers according to your ability.

What is your ability?

Be honest to yourself. Evaluate your strengths and stamina and choose 1 or a maximum of 2 subjects and pass those subjects. If you say to yourself ‘nahi nahi main kar lun ga 3 bhi, 4 bhi last month main’. Then I don’t want to let you down but you can’t do that. Be realistic and face reality.

In the end, don’t waste that last month before exams no matter you’ve studied before or not. You can pass if you work hard and utilize this month properly.

Hard work always pays off.

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