Yes, we all want to hear this news desperately and someday Insha'Allah, we'll do.

The killer will be caught, trialed, and hanged to death. But what Next? What can we do in our indivual capacity to curb this social evil? Protest in front of press club? Rant on Twitter and Facebook? Good! Thats a good way to voice opinions and pressurize government to take action. Yes, Thats important.

What next? 2 days passed by and back to normal? Forget Zainab and forget millions of others who are at the risk of sexual assault at the hands of that local clergy, or close relative, or that neighbour of yours? What did you do after that leaked case of local clergy assaulting a child? 

Ah, you forgot. Remember your childhood weird encounter with that qaari sahab of yours? What were you able to do with that? Zainab died, and millions other die every day as well: emotionally, cognitively, and socially!

Honestly, we can't do anything more than ranting about it on social media. We can't even go out for powerful meaningful protests like political parties do with fundings of millions of bucks. I don't know when government will take meaningful action, but what I know is as an individual, we can definitely take action to curb this social evil.

As they say, Charity begins from your own home. Yes, I am talking about educating your children about sexual abuse prevention; No, it's not sex education, so relax.

I've heard parents saying,

"I can't talk to children about sex.",
"I don't know what to say"
"I don't want to take away their innocence or make them anxious"
"Shouldn't adults be responsible for protecting children?"

As parents or elder siblings, you need to alleviate this anxiety. If it's the word "SEX" that's bothering you, drop it! Its "Abuse preventions education". Effective sexual abuse prevention education do not teach sexual education, nor do they provide children graphic details about sexual activity or sexual abuse. They just focus on dignity of the human person, the qualities of right relationships, and what to do if a relationship isn't right.