Is it important to score above 90% in F.Sc?

Gone are the days when having passing marks in Matric/F.Sc was enough to have a secure career. It might have been true in our parent’s time. In today’s time of high competition, even if you have above 85% marks, you cannot be sure whether you will be able to get into top university or not – yes, that is how tough competition has become. Even then, every year almost 45% of students FAIL the F.Sc exams and among those who pass, a lot pass with hardly 35%.

45% of students FAIL in F.Sc exams despite high competition and low number of jobs.

Unfortunately, Pakistan is a country where we have a high youth population but only a few universities that provide quality education. We have limited government medical and engineer universities and private universities are hard to afford. If your parents cannot afford millions of rupees fees per annum for the university, you have no other choice than score as high as you can to stay competitive to get government college seat.

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But do you know the bad news? Even if your parents are rich, you still need to score very high because merits of even private universities are extremely high – yeah you need marks along with money to get into good private colleges.

Let us talk about medical universities first. Last year, the merit closed on around 89.5% - yes, it was that high! Do you understand what that means? It means you need to have above 88% in matric and above 89% in FSc in order to assure that you score well in MDCAT and you might end up into a top medical college in Pakistan. Students normally think that they can afford to lose marks in F.Sc because they will work harder in MDCAT and get into university – no, that’s not the case dear.

You might think it’s okay to score low because even if you do not get into medical - BDS, PharmD, or DPT can be good options. Well, you’re wrong. Even to get into these programs, you need to score extremely high in F.Sc. Like above 87%. Competition is that high guys!

Want to have another shock? Imagine you do not even get into DPT, or PharmD, you might think the next good option is to get into some good BSc program in Punjab University. We hate to tell you but even merit of these programs close on 88% aggregate.

The same applies on the engineering, social sciences, and business universities.

God has given you good brains. Think yourself. More than 3 lac students apply for admissions in different colleges with limited seats. Yes, 3 lac. Universities will definitely take the top students. Good universities like King Edward (and other medical universities), PIEAS, NUST, GIKI, NUST, FAST, and UET have combined capacity of only 15000 students. The rest of the population gets in universities that do not promise a good career. Even the universities with average teaching quality are bound to take students with high scores in F.Sc.

Trust us that we do not like all this high competition. We wish more and more good universities are opened in Pakistan so that someone with even 70% marks can get a quality education. Until that happens, we recommend our readers to not take F.Sc years lightly. Score as high as you can. Give your studies proper time. There are steps that you can take to avoid scoring low. Click here to read our article on how to prepare for FSc like a topper. For now, we just wanted you to know the reality and ask you to work hard. May God be with you.