Big 4 interview preparation
Written by: Moaaz Iqbal
Almost all of us dream of getting into a Big-4 firm due to the prestige and grooming that comes along. However, only a few of us get lucky or are competent enough to do so. What if I told you that you could improve your chances drastically by following the guidelines in this article? Of course, I cannot guarantee your induction, but what I can guarantee is that you'll have a better chance to get into one of the big 4 if you choose to follow what is told.
Research on the firms
If you want to win over management, you need to convey that you want to work at their organization rather than you need to. The best way to show that is by showing high know-how of their organization… or at least the major points of that organization. Therefore, find out the history of that firm and how it came into being the firm it is today. You can always google, or even ask your seniors. Other points that might help you ace some firm-related questions are as follows:
1: Culture of your target firm
2: Some influential members of the firm inside Pakistan and globally
3: Nature of services the firm provides
Revise your CAF thoroughly
CAF is the highest level of education you have till now (unless you're a university grad), so it makes sense that they're going to test your knowledge inside that circle. Of course, every firm wants competent trainees, and this seems to be a way of checking that. Moreover, according to trainees themselves, preparing CAF thoroughly beforehand also helps you get more engagements as you're at better grounds than people who need a refresher of CAF knowledge. However, do not worry too much as they tend to test basic concepts rather than minor areas.
Mock interviews
This is an original concept of mine. Nope, they're not your average mock interviews conducted by a trainer or colleague or a friend but somewhat different ones. These are real interviews, but what makes them mock is the purpose why you're attending to it. What I'm saying is that submit your CVs to firms other than big 4s and have an actual interview with them. You'll get to know the kind of questions they ask and gain real-time interview experience. It may reduce your nervousness when giving the actual big 4 interviews.
When the competition is tough, references tend to make or break a deal. The stronger your reference is, the more difficult it is to turn you down. Moreover, reference can sometimes give an insight into your networking skills too. Thus, be a little careful while deciding whom to put as your reference(s). And ALWAYS keep your reference aware of listing them on your CV/resume.
Convey a sense of decency
You have to represent the firm at the clients or courts or tribunals when you are inducted as a trainee. Thus, it's natural that they would look for a candidate who is decent in appearance as well as communication. Choose a suitable, semi-formal attire for the interviews. Also, be polite while addressing your answers.

Before anything, preparation is the key to success. When you are prepared, you will be more confident which significantly increases your chances to hit the target. So, prepare well and follow the guide for a positive response from your employer. We wish you luck with your interviews and inductions. 

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