Induction test experience at AF Ferguson and Co.

Let me share some experience from one of the Big 4’s induction test. I have applied in AF Ferguson and Co. on the part-qualified basis and received their email that your test will be conducted on 4th May 2019 in Lahore. I searched for some sample tests and started preparation. 

I went to that firm at stipulated time. I observed that most boys and girls were dressed formally while I was wearing jeans and a casual shirt. I felt uncomfortable with my jeans there, but later I found some dressed casually like me and it was such a relief.   

When I went into the examination hall and read the paper, I realized the following mistakes, and I am enlisting them for you to avoid;

1: I thought that the sample papers are to refer format, and there will be nothing like that in the actual test. 

2- I didn't read the recent articles about the current affairs of economy of the country.

3-I didn't solve each MCQ of the sample paper; I just read the answers.

4-I didn't prepare the English grammar, i.e., complex sentence structures, etc.

5-I didn't practice any intelligence base verbal and non-verbal MCQs.

I learned a lot from my experience, and I strongly recommend you to do the following things, so that you can be confident and different from the others;

1- Practice verbal and nonverbal intelligence questions more and more. 

2- Prepare English grammar like complex and compound sentence structure, synonyms, and improve your vocabulary to understand the questions as they use high vocab words. 

3- Read their email carefully and bring those things with you, i.e., Lead pencil and calculator especially 

4- Do not wear jeans and a t-shirt even for the test as you'll feel confident when you wear something decent and formal. If you feel confident in your regular clothes, it's completely fine then.

5-Attempt all the MCQs first and do not stick with single MCQ that is difficult to solve, just move to the next.

6-Update yourself about current affairs and learn how to write essays. Use your PCSC-1 knowledge during writing essays.

The test of Aff is basically a test of your analytical skills and pivotal learning, embellished with the flairs of vocabulary and grammar testing. You are deemed to have a grip on the current affairs.

There are three essays in the paper. First one is compulsory, and this essay is constant in almost all the attempts, that is, why do you want to become CA? What do you know about Aff and why do you want to join Aff?

In the second essay, there is a choice. Two topics are given, and you have to choose one.

One topic is about current affairs. If you read all the English newspapers of one week from the date of the test, you will be able to tackle this topic.

The other topic is either a proverb or a basic problem of Pakistan like overpopulation, energy crisis, etc.

The Aff test is similar to the GMAT format. If you have a grip on  QM, that you studied in AFC. You can easily go through the math portion. Because that slice basically asks you to find Interest, mean, median, mode, progression

You should know all about the firm that is when it came into existence?  Its number of partners, clients, mission statement, brand value, international recognition, etc

Believe me, there is no question about the audit, accounting, and tax, etc.

So, don't panic and dream big. You don't have PAWA; no worries trust your abilities. You are the only person they need; just you must prove it to them. I'm investing my time and writing my experience for you so you buddies can learn and avoid the mentioned mistakes and follow the guidelines.

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