One can never get 95% marks without preparing. It is rightly said that "The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in war.” FSc exams are no less than a war, a contest among hundreds of thousands of students. How could a Test Session help a student in achieving great marks?


By appearing in a Test Session one can point out one's strengths. This is a good sign if the strengths are more than the weaknesses. You can differentiate the topics in your textbooks based on your strengths.


The major point the students miss in their FSc is their weaknesses. Mostly the students were satisfied after getting good marks in Test Session based on the questions coming out of their strengths (mostly the important topics of the book). But ignoring the less important topics for the exam prep may cost the FSc students. One must work on one's weaknesses in time.

In-Time Test Session:

Usually, the students appear in the test session near their exams. This is the wrong approach. One should prepare and evaluate oneself well before the time so that, one can work on the weaknesses within the time, Nearpeer is going to start its FSc Test Session on November 3rd 2022 with a reasonable fee and no hidden charges, unlike the academies charge monthly for the test session. Click to get 45% off on Test Session.

Say "Yes" to Test Session but "No" to Academies

You are enough for the preparation of FSc. By going to academies, firstly you will be distracted from your goal of getting maximum marks in FSc, secondly, you will be paying way more and getting no valuable services in return. Below are the features of the Nearpeer FSc Test Session. WhatsApp us at 03111444734 for free counselling or Click HERE.