Nowadays, we are seeing a lot of rants on social media about the online classes and how they have made student life challenging and miserable. 

I too went through a similar semester recently, and boy I'm glad that's over. 

However, I learned a couple of things from my experience, which can probably help you survive an online semester. 

So, let's get started and relate our "miserable moments" of taking online classes with each other. 

I've compiled 5 tips that helped me get by an online semester, and I hope these can help you as well. 

Falling Asleep during Online Class?
To be straight, lectures get boring after some point whether they are in-class or otherwise. 

And if they are making you dose off, then the boredom is legit. 

What you can do in this case are small activities that can keep you awake and engaged until the boredom wears off. 

Listen to the music for some time, try doodling, or if you have horrible art skills then you can do some munching in between, or you can also text your friends cause why not? Along with that do not use headphones, listen to your lectures on laptop or use mobile speakers, this will also keep you vigilant and hence engaged.    

Feeling Hypnotized?
Looking at the screen constantly for 1 hour will hypnotize anyone's eyes. But you need to make this easy for yourself because instructor won't be listening to your rants of "constantly looking at the screen hurt my eyes" right?

Therefore, be easy on yourself. Stay in your comfort zone and might also just put the device a little away from yourself or turn off and/or upside down the screen for some time and listen to only audio for a while unless life feels less dizzy. 

Don't have a Routine?
Waking up 5 minutes before your 9am class and right away taking a class in pj's is the best feeling ever. No?

Followed by Nashta in the bed. Out of this world, man! 

But this could also be a setback in making you doze off later in between your lectures. 

Waking up properly, getting morning shower and taking out time for breakfast will definitely make you active enough to not zone out during the lectures later.

Internet Sucks?

“Phaly aur kya kaam maslay thy k yeh internet ko bhi masla krna tha?” 

Well, the problem is legit, and for that, we can only suggest you get one "Acha Internet Connection."  Because is ka koi aur jugaar nahi hai. 

And this thing of online classes is going to stay for a while now as COVID sucks the life out of us. So it's better to take precautions before it starts preying on your GPA.

Privacy Violation at Home?

We've all been through this, haven't we? 

On the one hand, you're trying to get through the class, while on the other you're struggling to avoid all the unnecessary voices of your mom calling you to bring "Dahi" from the market along with your siblings jumping in and out. 

Ugh "Need some privacy!" 

Absolutely right in the feels, and to fix this, you need to act. Ask your siblings to get out of your room. Also, do all your home chores well before your classes or after, otherwise you will have to juggle them with the class, which is not a good idea.

On the off chance, if your siblings don't listen to you, then you'll just have to find an isolated corner of your houses such as a garage or a terrace and study there. 

Desperate times call for desperate measures, my friend. 

How are you surviving your online classes? Do you have any tips that we have not mentioned here?

Do let us know in the comments below.

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