How to revamp yourselves after the result?


On 14th of May around 9 a.m, ICAP declared the results for the attempt spring-19. If you passed the exams, congratulations and good luck for your future. But this article is addressing those who failed the exams. If you failed, then kindly go through this, till the end:

1: Change:

Firstly, you have to acknowledge the need for change. You ought to understand that there is a need for change. If you were on the right path, everything was going streamlined; then you might have passed. But as you failed, so it means you were somewhere wrong. Now, it's time to change your track and assess yourself from basic underlying assumptions to your dominant perception. Evaluate yourself profoundly and figure out what went wrong and change yourself, remove every distraction, which is an obstacle in the pursuit of your passion. 

2.Cursing the exams body:

Blaming ICAP after results, for your failures, is the worst counter-reaction. It will only waste your time and dishearten you. Your protest and WALKOUT calls will cast no effect on ICAP, be rationale. Accept the failure, own it, stop blaming ICAP and start preparing for autumn 19. For instance, even if you were 100% sure that you will pass the exams, but the opposite happened. Then still, your mourning and ranting will be of no use. There is no precedent which certitude this conjecture that ICAP reverted its results. ICAP has strict internal controls; your paper is passed through three channels, mitigating the risk of any discrepancy or error.

3.Rechecking/ Recounting:

 Still, if you have any apprehension, concerning your paper, you can apply for rechecking by paying an amount of Rs.1400/paper. Well before applying for rechecking, you need to know that this is not actually rechecking. It's recounting. Moreover, they will check any question unmarked in your answer script. PERIOD! If you have any misconception, that you will have a very detailed debate about your attempted answer with them, then you are wrong.

4. Don't be emotional, be rational:

Take every decision with a cool and calm mind, when you are mentally relaxed. When you fail, you are heartbroken, depressed, and zealous at the same time. Never make your plan on the result day or the following day. Because when you fail, your appetite for success increases manifolds. And you start making emotionally driven decisions like: "Is dfa 4 paper du ga! law aur far 2 aik din mei hein to kia hua mei de du ga. Law and far2 are considered among the most difficult subjects of CAF. Moreover, the longevity and technicality of the subjects, require proper revision time. And after some time, you repent on making such decisions. So, decide with a cool mind after seeking advice from your teachers and sincere senior friends.

5. Number of papers:

Before you go to freeze any subject, you were studying in PRE or want to register any new subject for Post, check the date sheet diligently. See the sequence of papers i.e. which paper is in morning, which one is in evening . If you gave three papers and you failed all of them or failed two of them, never go for four papers. Because if you can't bear the burden of three papers or manage them, then how will you tackle four papers? So you are strictly not adviced to do any such thing. (Though exceptions are there, but rare)

6: If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for your parents :

I know it’s hard to say that just forget what happened on the result day and start with a new passion because it is impractical to say: SB BHOOL K AGAY FOCUS KRO. Failure hurts, but to advance, you can not remain in the state of depression or dormancy. You have to move forward, if you can't do it for yourself, do it for your family. Work hard, pass the exams, and make your parents feel proud.

7: Should you go for classes or not?

Well, you have to contemplate and ponder profoundly to extract a plausible solution that either you should retake the classes or not.

Here is an advice for you:

If you fail in 40s: you can pass the paper in the next attempt by self-study, after pinpointing and eradicating your flaws. Because an individual who fails in 40s, fails because of negligence, carelessness, poor drafting, and bad luck

If you fail between 35_40: You are not emphasized to take the classes. You may or may not take the classes.

But if you fail with marks below 35: You are strictly advised to retake the classes. Even if you think that you can do it yourself, still go for the classes. Because if you fail and procure such low marks, it reflects that you lack concepts and fundamental insight of the subject. You can take classes by sitting in your bedroom or any remote area by dint of NEARPEER.

8: If you fall in life, get up and pray:

If you had worked hard, taken all the classes, attempted the paper well, and still failed in 40s. It was bad luck. I am not denying the role or existence of hard work, but believe me, destiny plays its part. So, in such case, bow down in SUJOOD and ask for his forgiveness and mercy wholeheartedly. So, you can come under the shadow of his blessings. Because sometimes, we fail because Allah wants to teach us something. Like making others feel belittled or taunting them just because you passed all the exams in the first attempt. And in the end, you are entangled in one or two papers. In such a case, Allah wants to teach you humbleness. So, re-evaluate yourself.  Stop boasting, kill your ego and stop denigrating others

Better luck for the upcoming attempt. Prepare well!

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