Mana li Eid? Jappiyan shappiyan hogae?

Now come back to the reality and get over the fact that Ramazan is gone,"bht low energy hoti hai, parha nahi jata" "Eid k bad parhain gyn"  no such excuses will make sense now since Eid is also OVER. Gear up yourself to study for your exams, seriously!


-Coping with Lockdown

It is understandably difficult to cope up with the current situation of lockdown where everything seems falling apart considering the rising COVID-19 cases. I know it takes a toll on your mental health but we need to stay strong

Icing on the cake, since all the institutions are closed, it can get pretty daunting if you are unable to grasp a particular concept. Kis say samjhyn? kis say sawal puchyn? 

The solution to all this is to follow SOPs, stay at home and pray for others. Along with cutting off yourself from social media. Yes, it really helps!

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-Staying Focused in Lockdown

Now the question that arises is how to stay focused amidst all the chaos. How to prepare for the exams without distraction? 

Well, read on to know how you can keep yourself productive and make the most out of your preparation in these challenging times. 

1. Study in Intervals
If you are a student, then you know that life gets really hard at this time of the year when you have to change your Ramazan routine. Hence, struggling to fall asleep early and waking up early can get difficult. Eventually resulting in messed up sleep patterns. 


Therefore, you first need to fix your sleeping patterns so you can survive through the day. After fixing that, study in intervals-(Use Pomodoro Technique). Read further to know how?

Have you heard about "Pomodoro Technique"? No? Worry not, we will tell you.

Using Pomodoro method, you break your workday into 25-minute chunks separated by five-minute breaks. These intervals are referred to as pomodoros. After about four pomodoros, you take a longer break of about 15 to 20 minutes.

So, what you need to do is, set up a timer of 25 minutes and finish a particular topic in that time. After you finish, take a 5-10 minute break, go for a walk, listen to music or eat something. Doing so will keep you targeted and won't let you procrastinate and hence, you will stay productive.

Note: You can follow all these tips for your normal day routine as well. 


Following the Pomodoro technique, set smart goals for yourself and achieve it with the help of the above method. 

Remember to set realistic goals, the ones that you can achieve without draining yourself. For example, make a list of those topics that give you tough time coupled with one to two easy topics. In this way, you won't only get done with the difficult topics but you will revise the easy ones as well.

Note: Do not forget to attempt a quizAfter all, practice is crucial to success so never take it for granted. 

Apart from that, if you have some other responsibilities at your hands then you should set up your goals according to your daily routine. To help you out, Nearpeer provides you with the ease of setting up your own study schedule so that you can study whenever you want. Be it subah hou, ya sham. 

Enjoy the freedom of being your own Boss. 


3. Pair your Subjects Wisely 

It is a good practice to divide your subjects according to your ease. For example, if you find Biology tough and Urdu easy then pair it up, similarly pair chemistry with English and so on. Doing so will not only help you in tackling challenging subjects (along with the relatively easier ones) but also you won't feel exhausted at the day end.

After pairing up your subjects, religiously follow and repeat the method of setting up realistic goals i.e. jotting down topics of both the subjects and completing it daily with the help of pomodoro technique. Needless to say, followed by past paper practice or a quiz.

4. Self-Accountability Time

Now that you have followed all the above-mentioned points, time to do some self-assessment. After you learned a topic and solved its sample test, assess your mistakes and learn from them. If you were not able to achieve your set goals, give yourself a break and figure out where you might have gone wrong. After getting the answer, try to make improvements rather than studying Annay Wah. 

Remember to study smart and not hard and this is what toppers do. So, wouldn't you want to be the next topper too? Certainly, you do!

Final Thoughts

To keep yourself productive, sit down and make a proper schedule, the one that matches your daily routine so you can easily study as well as perform other tasks. In addition to that, set up objectives and follow the Pomodoro technique to achieve them. And believe me, by doing so, you will witness a massive change in your energy as well as be able to easily achieve all your set goals. 

Apart from that, remember to spare some time for yourself, making a schedule and setting goals does not mean you have to get glued to your books. Treat yourself at the day end, enjoy a day off, order something to eat and do not forget to follow the SOPs. 

Stay home, stay productive by studying from FSC Online Program and keep yourself and your loved ones safe. 

What techniques do you follow while doing FSc preparation? Have you ever used Pomodoro Technique? 

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