The last 30 days are the most important days in FSc exam preparation. They are going to decide your marks, your institution for the bachelor's degree & somewhat your future as well. Now, the biggest question asked is how to be prepared for the FSc exams in just 1 month? Following is the straight forward but affective plan.

1. Self Study

Try to avoid going to the academies throughout the year, If you didn't then must avoid them in the last 30 days. These days must be utilized in self studying through some online platforms & video lectures for reviewing your FSc concepts. Nearpeer offers wonderfully designed FSc courses. One can get them and study along with the exam prep material. Click here to get Nearpeer's FSc courses.

2. Subject wise division of the days

Divide your days dedicated to the specific subject. Lets suppose there are 6 exams in total and the days left are 30. If we leave 6 days specifically for the 1st exam preparation then we are left with 24 days in total for the division. As a result each subject gets 4 days to study and you can further divide these days for half book and full book preparation. Keep this in mind that you have to be determined, plan oriented, focused and distraction free in order to achieve this goal. Start the preparation, leave nothing in the course but focus must be on the important topics.

3. Subject Priority

Set the priority according to the subjects in which you are weaker. If a xyz student is weaker in chemistry the he/she should prioritize chemistry in the division of the last 30 days. Keep that subject at the end in which your concepts are cleared in a better way. Another important thing is to must prepare the first 6 chapters of every elective subject as they are the most important ones with respect to the exams. If you are weaker in every subject then tentative date sheet would be the reference for the subject priority. Try to write while understanding any concept, that is the key for retention.

4. Exam prep material

Leave the exam prep material for the end. Leave nothing and cater all the important topics provided in the guess papers & past papers. Pairing scheme is another form of exam prep material, but, they are always tentative. Do utilize them in your exam attempt planning and in the preparation behaviour.

5. Avoid Distractions

Use the devices to study, turn off all the notifications for social media apps. Also, set your study targets for the day, after the completion of your target you can entertain yourself may be with your favorite TV show or with some game.

So, prepare hard keep yourself away from the distractions and above all think about your future and be motivated you can enjoy after the exams but these vital days won't come back in your life. Don't forget to share it with your friends. Keep studying and praying for the best results.

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