"Sawal itnay mushkil thay aur time itna kamm tha" 

"I couldn't manage time, merey 2-3 sawal reh gaye" 

These are some of the concerns that we all show when it comes to managing time during the exam or the preparation period. Along with uninvited stress that takes us in its whirlpool. 

So, with regards to these concerns, firstly we will give you some tips that you can follow to effectively manage time during the exam and then we will go further and talk about how you can learn time management skills during your preparation.


1) Skim Through your Paper and Solve the Questions you Know, First

Once you get the paper, skim through it quickly. I know most of the time our mind gets stuck on those questions which we do not know. Do not get bogged down by that, take a deep breath and see which questions you know. Go about solving those questions first and then come back to the questions you don't know the answer to.

Most of the students do the opposite, they first try to answer the difficult questions. Well, doing so will cost you a lot more time for example, if the time runs out you will end up leaving the question you knew very well. And you will regret it later all your life, that tmhai wou questions aaty thy but time khatam honay ki waja sy reh gaye. 

Therefore, always work smartly, and leave the difficult questions for the end. So even if they are left unanswered, you won't feel bad since you already didn't know the answers of those. 

And it is completely okay agr kuch sawalon k jawab tmhain nahi aaty. 


  1. 2) Solve Paper in Order 

We suggest you solve the paper in order. For instance, if the first section is MCQs then go about doing that section first, then short questions and long questions. While attempting the MCQs, if you are stuck, follow the elimination technique and make an educating guess instead of wasting time on thinking. 

Do not leave it, or if you think you will get time to come back at it in the end then mark a pointer with your pencil, so that in the end when the time is running out you would know exactly which MCQ you left unanswered. This will save you a good amount of time and you'd be able to answer all your questions.


3) Make Outline of Long Questions

I know that in FSc exams, the examiner expects you to fill up two to three pages for a long question. And honestly, that is plain frustrating and sick that you get judged by the number of pages you've filled up. But there is nothing that we can do except do what they want us to do. 

Pages pa pages likhna can take a lot of time, but in the exams you are allowed a limited time. So, to cater to that, make a quick outline of the headings while writing long answers or essays. Doing so will help you to keep your information organized and you'd be able to cover all the points even if the time is short.


4) Use Timer while doing Exam Preparation

If you want to effectively manage your time in the exams, then the best practice is to use a timer while doing practice questions. For example, allocating a minute to each MCQs will give you a good understanding as well as experience and you will do the same in the exams. 

So, always practice with a timer on and closely analyze the timing thing and make an active effort to work on it.


Final Thoughts

I know it gets really difficult to manage time when you are under great stress and pressure. I won't say that by following the above tips you would master time management skill but you would at least save a lot of time for yourself while giving exams. And that is all that matters right now. Right?

So, if you are someone who often leave few unanswered questions due to lack of time, then you should practice the tips given above. Most importantly, Nearpeer allows you to practice while using a timer so that you can experience real-time exam pressure and get hands on experience on how to handle time and stress

Are there any other tips that you follow apart from the ones given above? 

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