We don’t see a single reason why one wouldn’t love their country’s warriors; the armed forces. Of course, we all know that Pakistan Army is first amongst all armed forces in Pakistan and comes under the top 10 most powerful militaries in the world. 

One should, after matric, join Pak Army but first, get yourself introduced to it. After the separation from India in 1947, Pakistan Army has been ruling our hearts, and why shouldn’t it? These soldiers have been risking and sacrificing their lives just to bring peace to their loving country. When we sing that beautiful national song by Naseem Begum, Aye Rah-e-Haq Ke Shaheedo, it literally gets our hearts every time. 

And please, don’t tell us you hadn’t listened to this song to date: 

This would definitely push your soul to join Pak Army even if you’ve just passed your matriculation or Secondary School Certificate (SSC).

Perks of Joining Pak Army After Matric

A huge number of people in Pakistan prefer that one should join the Pakistan Army after matric, but many of them don’t really mean it. It’s because they are unaware of the amazing benefits that Pak Army provides to its members. Out of hundreds, here are a few things that you will get once you’ve stepped into this warriorship. 

  1. Respect: Huge! This is the least you will get here. 

  2. Satisfaction: You’ll be extremely grateful for your position.

  3. Healthy Pay Package: There’s no position in Pak Army with a bag salary package.

  4. Allied Facilities like Medical and Travel Discounts: Self-explanatory, isn’t it?

  5. Support After Retirement: Monthly pension will be given to you after retirement.

  6. The Prestige of Country Service: Nothing’s better than defending your own country against negative forces.

  7. Pride of Your Family: Your parents couldn’t be more proud.

  8. The title of “Ghazi” or “Shaheed”: We can’t explain how happy Allah would be about this!

These 8 pointers are just the start, there’s a lot more that you would get once you’re a part of the Pak Army. Want to join it now? Read further for the instructions.

How to Apply for Pak Army After Matric as Males and Females

Available Positions in Pakistan Army

  1. 1. Soldier

Join Pak Army as a soldier after matric and fight off the rivals of Pakistan like a brave warrior. Only males that have passed their matriculation can apply for the position of soldiers in the Pakistan Army. 

  1. 2. AFNS

If you want to know how females can join Pak Army, then this is it! Armed Forces Nursing Service (AFNS) is exclusively for females who are willing to join Pak Army nursing after Matric with science (biology) or F.Sc Pre-Medical. 

  1. 3. Civil Jobs

If you’re more into civil jobs, Pak Army offers the following positions:

Now, see if you’re qualified enough to be an applicant. Here are the eligibility criteria for joining the Pakistan Army.

  1. One has to be unmarried, either male or female. 

  2. The age limit has been set as between 17-23.

  3. The candidates must have at least 60% marks in English, Science, and Arts subjects to apply for the Pakistan Army. For AFNS, the applicant must have at least 60% marks in Matric (biology) or 50% marks in F.Sc Pre-Medical.

  4. The Procedure to Join Pak Army After Matric - Online or Manually
  1. First of all, register yourself here at www.joinpakarmy.gov.pk for online registration or visit your nearest Army selection center and apply manually.

  2. Make sure you have an active email account. Fill out all the forms at the given link to proceed.

  3. Once you’re done completing your registration, you will receive a date for your preliminary test which will be conducted online on the computer. Make sure you know the basics of computer operations.

  4. Enter your basic information like name, qualifications, address, etc. in the registration form.

  5. Make sure that you enter all information carefully because there’s no going back once you've proceeded. 

  6. You will receive a PIN code after submitting the form. Keep it safe because it will help you access your profile. 

  7. In a few days, you shall receive your roll number slip so you could appear on the test. Do not forget to bring the roll number slip along with your B-form/CNIC.

As you can see, the process of applying to the Pak Army is quite simple. All you need is excellent marks in your matriculation and you’re good to go! Need to consult professionals regarding your matriculation studies? Contact Nearpeer’s student counselors now!


1. Can a female join Pak navy as a medical technician after matric with biology subject?

Yes, females can join Pak Navy as Female Medical technicians via Direct Entry Sailors. The age bracket of females for applying to this position is 16-20, the height would be 5f 0in, and the qualification would be matric but only with biology.

2. After joining the Pak army, can I get more education there?

Yes, you can. However, it will all be gained under the influence of the Pakistan Army.

3. Can I join the Pak army as a female soldier?

No, females are not offered the position of soldiers in the Pakistan Army. However, one can join Pak Army as a cadet and study her way to becoming a professional officer in the military. 

4. How much height is required for joining the Pak Army for females? 

It should be at least 5 feet and 0 inches for females.