​How to Improve Your Marks in FSc

Looks like you’re too worried about your bad performance in your final F.Sc examination and now you’re thinking about how to improve your FSc marks. We can understand how hard it is to move on with the stress and embarrassment when you find out your bad FSc result. But don’t think of it as a big deal at all because “where there’s a will, there’s a way!”

What time is it? 

All you need to do is go back in time when you were preparing for your final examination of F.Sc. What did you do during these 2 precious years? Jot down everything that you think had a negative impact on your studies. Once you have your final list ready, you’ve already improved your upcoming performance by 50%! 

​Tips To Improve FSc Marks:

The list will probably have points like wasting time on social media, not studying until exams are near, blah blah blah. We will tell you briefly how to improve your marks in FSc by following only a few simple tips.

Defeat Yourself

Stop doing what you’ve done to yourself in the past if you want to improve your marks in FSc. If you do everything you’ve been doing till now, then forget that you’ll get better results the next time. During your FSc, there will be lots of tests or assessments and your job is to score better every time. 

If you’ve scored 60% on your first assessment, then it shouldn’t be 60% or less in your next one. With this thing in mind, you will definitely be ready to score more than 90% in your FBISE final examination. Here are some conditions for improving marks in intermediate ( part 1 and part 2).

Concentrate on Studies

The biggest and most common problem that students face in their academic studies is that they can’t concentrate on it. We’re sure that you’re one of them. If you want to improve your marks in FSc, then you will have to prioritize studying by heart. We’re not telling you to leave every other activity behind at all because relaxing and having some free time is equally important. To learn how you can concentrate on your studies during your FSc, read the next point!

Work on Time Management

Time is the most basic element that can benefit you the most but ONLY if you utilize it efficiently. Every process takes some time - so you should divide your full-day activities throughout the day. 

First, schedule your sleep time. Doctors will suggest sleeping for 8 hours a day but this doesn’t sound very good to a student who’s struggling to get an amazing percentage in his/her F.Sc. Sleeping healthily for 6 hours would be more than enough. By doing this, you’ve saved 2 hours. 

Second, learn the science and logical subjects like mathematics, physics, biology, and chemistry by studying at least 6 hours a day. If you don’t want to give so much of your time to your studies and still score a high percentage in FSc, then Nearpeer is the only solution! 

Study what you want, when you want, how you want, how much you want, and how fast you want with interactive, fun, and effective lectures by expert lecturers from all over Pakistan. 

Third, do not forget to study subjects like English, Urdu, Pakistan Studies, and Islamiyat because they can significantly boost your final marks. Give them as much time as you would give to the other subjects.

Make Education a Hobby, Not a Liability

This is extremely important. One cannot do anything properly if he or she is not compassionate about it. Nearpeer works on this very issue to make sure no one considers educating themselves as a burden but a fun thing to do. The only way to make it a hobby is to find teachers that teach with a playful attitude so the students could feel comfortable while learning. Once you’re mentally and physically comfortable, you will automatically start falling in love with education and THIS is how you can score an amazing percentage in your FSc.

FBISE HSSC Marks Improvement Rules:

1. If you’ve already passed your F.Sc part 2 examination (annual/supplementary), then you will have one chance to reappear for the improvement of marks in the examination. You will reappear as an ex-candidate in the current course under the condition that you apply within a year of passing your exams and before appearing in any higher examination held by a university or board. 

2. If you succeed in improving your marks, the board will issue the improved result card to you without surrendering the previous one.

3. If you have passed your F.Sc from any board other than the Federal board, you will not be given the opportunity to improve your marks. This is against the FBISE improvement rules. You can definitely follow the marks improvement FSc rules of Lahore Board 2021 or any other board and hit higher grades.

4. You can reappear in up to 2 subjects either from FSc part 1 or FSc part 2 or both within the period of one year. This is one of the worst F.Sc repeat rules for the students with more than 2 subjects for improvement in line. 

5. Without submission of a fee to improve your marks in FSc, FBISE or any other board will not allow you to reappear in your exams. 

6. We shared this FBISE improvement policy with you so you could know what you NEED to know before applying for your FSc examination as an ex-candidate. To start the procedure, contact the federal board of examination and submit the FBISE improvement form. If you’ve given your FSc exams through another board like Lahore Board (BISE Lahore), then visit it for your F.Sc marks improvement rules and form. 

Once you’re done with the application, you will have the opportunity to ace your HSSC examination with over 90% marks. That would be possible by enrolling in Nearpeer’s FSc courses of the subjects you wish to repeat! 

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Frequently Ask Questions​

How to register with bise for improving FSc marks?

You can visit the official website of your board of examination and sign up for the improvement of your F.Sc part 2 marks. Click on the HSSC part 2 registration column and add your previous roll number to the dedicated text field. The automatic system of the board will extract all of your previous examination data. Once you’re done filling in the required information, you will get a challan form that you can submit to the bank.

​What if I get lesser marks than before? What will happen?

If you get lesser marks than the previous exam, then the marks from the previous exam will be considered. 

​When can I give improvement exams?

Your improvement exams shall be with the regular candidates. After the examination, if you feel the need for appearing on the improvement exams, you can apply for it on the official website or through the board office and wait for the date sheet to be released.

​Will my paper be different from other candidates?

No, there’s only one question paper for all the candidates. Your question paper shall be the same 

​Will there be a separate registration form for improving HSSC 1 subjects while I am also appearing in HSSC 2 annual exams?

Yes, you will have to register yourself by filling the HSSC part 1 improvement form on the official website of the board or by visiting it physically.

​How many chances are there to improve FSC marks?

You only have one chance to improve your F.Sc marks. You cannot apply for F.Sc improvement after appearing in the special exams.

​After my 1st-year improvement attempt, can I Improve my 2nd-year marks?

Yes, you have three 4 choices. 

1. You can improve the complete intermediate (Part 1 and Part 2)

2. Improve complete intermediate Part 1

3. Improve complete intermediate Part 2

4. Improve any subject(s) of intermediate (Part 1 and Part 2) 

​What is the maximum time gap during which I can apply for FSc improvement?

You have to apply for the F.Sc improvement within 1 year of giving the first examination. 

​Can I give improvement exams while studying in HSSC PART 2?

You can give improvement exams along with the regular candidates on the official dates of the examination only. You cannot give improvement exams while studying.

​What will be considered as a passing year; the original passing year, or the improving year?

Your year of passing will be the original passing year, not the improvement year.