There is a simple but effective plan to ace the FSc Exams with maximum marks. No matter the kind of student you are, if one will follow the below-mentioned steps he or they can get maximum marks. 

1) Read the Books/Curriculum

Just focus on your course outline. Read every chapter to understand the concepts and highlight the important pointers. Utilize the technology for better understanding e.g. video lectures of FSc with proper images and gifs.

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2) Write Notes

This step is the most important one. After you get the concept by reading or watching a proper video lecture. Make your notes, and write down the important pointers of the topic.

3) Revise

The revision process should be before the start of the latest topic. Revise the previous topic by seeing your notes and making yourself feel better with the sense of knowing.

4) Practice Past Papers

The past papers are really important. Collect the last 10 years past papers, Find the questions which belong to the chapter you are currently learning, and make sure that you know how to do them in your exams.

5) Evaluation / Test Session

A test session or self-evaluation is the most important thing to get maximum marks. After reading and watching the video lectures, self-evaluation is the only way to judge your progress before the exams. Nearpeer is going to start the FSc Test Session, Click the link to enroll.

6) Study and Life Balancing

To get the maximum energy for studying and for a sound mind, you should be active in healthy activities and should do exercise daily. Do not study way too much and do not ignore studying at all to make a balance for the maximum result. Consistency is the key to success study daily and fall in love with learning. 

7) Avoid Academies

The above-mentioned plan is as simple as pie and never asked you to go to any academy. Why not academies? the college is enough to give you the idea of what you should read and understand on a particular day. Going to academies will destroy the ability to self-study and carve out your plan.