Depression and anxiety are very commonly seen in pre-medical students, especially when they have to take a gap year and struggle for getting admission in MBBS which has insanely high merit. However, here we aren't talking about clinical depression, which can happen to anyone and should be medically treated. We're discussing the insane amount of stress and the pressure of securing admission that repeaters have to face during gap year. Managing your stress isn't as easy as it sounds, but it is important. Not just because you need sound mental and physical health for MDCAT but also because your own mental and physical health comes before any exam and should be your top priority. 
Here are some ways you can try to fight your sadness and keep yourself sane:

1. Talk about it: 
Bottling up your feelings has never helped anyone and it never will. If you're feeling disappointed, sad or anxious, share it with people who care about you. Wenting out your feelings makes you feel a lot better. 

2. Learn to ask for help: 
There's nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it. If you feel like you are unable to handle things on your own anymore, be very open about it. There are people who actually care for you and would offer a helping hand whenever you need it.

3. Eat healthily: 
You are what you eat. Take care of your diet. Unhealthy eating habits, whether starving yourself or overeating can cause sadness and this is a medically proven fact. So take care of your diet, for your physical and mental health, especially during these days.

4. Get some exercise or go for a walk daily:  

Let it be for just 15 minutes or half an hour but this really helps. Especially when you start your day and you're motivated to make the day productive, that is the best time to go for a walk and spend some time with nature or do some quick exercise. 

5. Try to set a routine: 
We know it's not easy to be consistent and study from the same books daily. But the sense of accomplishment, no matter what little task you've accomplished, makes you feel really good. So focus on creating a loose, but structured, routine that can help you keep your daily pace going.

6. Set attainable goals: 
This is extremely important. Allow yourself to be a human being and do not expect yourself to accomplish supernatural tasks. Your study schedule should be realistic and easy to follow. Especially when you're taking a gap year, you've plenty of time so stressing yourself out with unnecessary efficiency is not a good idea.

7. Do not isolate yourself: Do not stop going to family gatherings or friends' hangouts. Not being able to clear MDCAT in the first attempt is not something to be ashamed of and neither should you let anyone make you feel guilty about it. It's just another exam. 

8. Take some time out for enjoyment:
Include some time for your enjoyment in your daily routine and during that, do something you enjoy. Watch a movie, make a painting or read a good book. Whatever you feel like doing. 

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