How many papers to attempt this time? By: Arfa Sadia

This question is the greatest mystery of all times for a C.A student. Students are found to be indecisive, and they ask every second person for their opinion. Suggestions from too many people can confuse you more.Remember, "To find out the treasure, you have to follow the map strictly."One rational decision will impact your career significantly. To unlock the achievement of passing papers in one go, you must find the right keys first.    

Before diving into discussion let me first address to few psychological aspects. “Slow and steady wins the race." Please don't overburden yourself by deciding to attempt 4 or 5 papers due to the fuss of the previous result. 

The number of attempts does not dictate your future, but they do depict your consistency towards achieving your goals. All that matters is solely your "Competence."

The mental capacity of every individual is different from others. You all are blessed with EQUAL but VERSATILE mental attributes. Someone may be good at grasping accounting concepts quickly, but his fellow is master in applying scenario-based knowledge in theoretical subjects. Go with your flow and do work hard at your own pace. No one is your competitor except the one you daily see in the mirror. You have to be better than yesterday.

I curated a few clues that may help you while deciding how many papers you should attempt:

1: Honestly determine preparation:

When two months are left in exams and if you have a grip over at least 70% of course then you have enough time to prepare rest of the syllabus and polish all of it by revising it frequently. At the time of submitting the exam form, honestly ask yourself about your preparation. You and ONLY you know the best about your capabilities and exam preparation. Don't lie to yourself. Make a crystal clear decision about how many papers you can attempt and pass. Seek the help of your teachers and seniors but do what you feel right is.

2: Ability to describe:

You must be able to explain any topic in URDU. Urdu is our national language, and no matter how good our English is, it is and will be our Second tongue. Ability to describe in national language denotes that you have deeply understood the concept and fed it in your mind permanently. To justify this point, I am giving an example of all the developed countries. They teach their students in native language till undergraduate level. We all are well aware of this factor. Here we have to master both skills, firstly develop an ability to describe in the native language and secondly ability to write in English.

3: Know your study habits:

Try to identify your study habits. How many hours can you study daily? Whether you study all subjects daily or study one subject for some days and then move to another. Here, please don't make unrealistic promises to yourself that I will study for 15 hours, will give all subjects equal time, I won't eat, sleep or use mobile I will study and study like a nerd. An absolute no for this thought. You can’t change your attitude in a few days. Take it easy and be subtle with all matters. Highlight your strengths and plan your schedule accordingly.

4: Proper revision:

No matter how many hours you have studied earlier with your daily classes now, it all depends on your revision. It is like you have been defending the ball in ground and it’s time to goal. You are at the edge of achieving what you dreamt of and hustled hard for that. Calculate the number of days left, hours you daily study, how much course is still left and figure the best revision plan for yourself. Also keep it in mind, Quality over Quantity. It is better to revise the same topics and developing a strong grip over them than trying to cover all syllabus roughly.     

5: Exam sequence:

Check the date sheet to know exam sequence before you select papers. You need a proper gap between the two papers. A single paper of ICAP is too hectic and exhausting. You have to go with a fresh and active mind in every paper. Don't attempt two papers that fall on the same day. And try, that you have one prep leave for every paper. That one leave is a game changer because you can sleep properly and go through significant topics.

6: Any personal matter:

You may be going through any issue, either health, financial, or family problems. Deal it courageously. Health and family should be your priority. If you face any such issue, wisely decide about your papers. For instance, if you planned to attempt three papers, but suddenly something happened at the eleventh hour, and you have a direct connection with them, it is better to drop one subject. You will get another attempt but if something happens to you or your family that regret won't go easy. It is a hard pill to swallow, and my intention is not to demotivate you but to spur you. May none of us ever suffer from an unlucky incident.No matter how many papers you chose to attempt, give your 100% and pray to ALLAH for the result which is favorable for you. Don’t be afraid to bind some hopes for exceptional results while you are praying for it. “Work like it is only in your hands, but hope like it was never in your hands." You CAN do it; you HAVE to do it.

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