All of the higher education institutes of Pakistan are expected to promote high-quality virtual learning because students love it when there’s a less “traditional” environment in education. 

There should be an official digital learning platform for the students to learn new skills and polish them and so, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) came up with Digital Learning and Skills Enrichment Initiative (DLSEI). 

Here comes the good news, HEC and Coursera Shake Hands Again to Launch DLSEI-II.

This initiative can lead every single citizen, not only students, to the heights they want to achieve without limits. This powerful self-learning environment is a thumbs up for all skill seekers. The HEC-Coursera duo encourages online learning and skills development among students with access to the most expensive and highest-ranking courses and certifications from premium universities throughout the world.

Mr. Shafqat Mehmood, the Federal Minister of Education and Professional Training, addressed a very important issue of challenges Pakistan’s education system is facing including low quality and irrelevance. The agreement between HEC and Coursera was extremely necessary because the need for skill development in the country must be fulfilled. 

Thanks to COVID-19, the country has started to learn the importance of online and self-learning. The Minister of Education also added that the pandemic revealed many gaps in our education system including the lack of digital learning, difficulties in teaching online, and students not being able to pay enough attention to the lectures. Through this second phase of the Digital Learning and Skills Enrichment Initiative, Mr. Shafqat expects the students of Pakistan to learn attentively through offered courses and improve the country’s employment.

Coursera’s CEO, Mr. Jeff Maggioncalda also added to this idea, “Investment in youth is an investment in the future.” Let’s hope DLSEI-II keeps on showing success and normalizes self-learning in Pakistan for a better future. 

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