AFC Students and their Google Search history;

I remember the day when I attended my first class of AFC. I came back home and unlocked my mobile, my WIFI was down, so I activated a data package. After receiving the data activation confirmation message, I opened google chrome and typed;

Salary of a CA qualified in Pakistan”

Yeah if you are a CA student, and you are in AFC and haven’t searched this thing then why are you even a CA Student haha! The search result was amusing, that’s why I’m pinning it below;

What was my next google search that day? If you are a CA student, then you can guess my next google search. Exactly, you are right! I searched for this;

“Number of total CA qualified in Pakistan”

The search results were rather shocking this time. So, I’m pinning those below

Do you really think I exited google chrome after these results?

No bro! Never!

After this shock, I decided to search for passing percentage of ICAP and I got this;


I was uncomfortable with those results then I decided to search for this once more time;

“Salary of CA qualified in Pakistan”

Haha! Because only this google search for me was motivating. I exited google chrome and started my other works.

After that day whenever I find myself demotivated, I search for the luxury life of a CA qualified.

Next day, I went to my college and after taking classes I was sitting in the cafeteria with my friends. They were discussing the same topic, “Salary of CA qualified in Pakistan” and this was a never-ending discussion. This topic will remain in your life until you don’t qualify CA.

As a responsible student, I joined some CA groups and pages on my social media sites, and I was astonished to see the posts there. The first post was same as my first google search. hahh !! 

Next post was “AOA! I have Completed my intermediate and now I want to know which one is better CA or ACCA?”

Here we go with another social media war. Some never-ending social media wars in Pakistan are below;


2. Karachi biryani VS Lahore biryani

3.Pindi boys Vs Islamabad boys

Whatever on every social media post about CA has one thing common you know what?” The haha reacts”. 

Even on a post “Suggest me some tips to pass BLaw” had all 56 haha reacts”. Don't know if they were laughing on their own bad performance in the subject or mocking ICAP. 

In the end, I passed my AFC and keep passing my CAF papers in the first attempt. I realized that only CA salary is not a motivation. Being in the list of those few CA qualified people is really motivating. After that day I never feel demotivated because my priority has changed now. And I still enjoy those social media posts, taking in the light humor and equally enjoy sharing with others.

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