Dear Students, 

Please read this blog entirely to avoid any confusion. Each and every line is important. 

We know a lot of you are confused about the recent news circulating on different platforms. But no need to be confused anymore. We bring you the most authentic news after getting in touch with officials in the Ministry of Federal Education ourselves. 

Yes, this is true. The exams have been canceled. Not postponed, but canceled. Meaning, there shall be no exams whatsoever. The students shall be promoted to the next grade based on marks on the previous class performance. 9th class students shall be promoted to 10th class- 10th class students to 11th. 11th class students to 12th class. And 12th class students will use 11th class results to get admission in universities. 

So far the idea is, there will be no new grading "based on previous results". Whatever percentage you got in the previous class will be your percentage this year upon which you will be promoted to the next class or get university admission. However, the provinces are yet to suggest their scheme of marking in this scenario. 

What about entry tests? Will Medical, Engineering, and Business Schools cancel their admission tests too. No, not all. In fact, now it has become even more important for universities to conduct entry test to filter out the bright students for their seats. We suspect that the weightage of the entry test will increase even more since FSc marks will fail to provide an authentic measure of students' performance.  For example, the weightage of MDCAT might increase to 75% for a medical university entry test. But this is based on the hope that the world will get better by July. Since we are seeing lock-down being lifted, we suspect entry tests shall be conducted in August so that universities may resume their normal academic calendar. 

Students, especially in FSc now know for sure there are no FSc exams. The only BIG exam they will face is MDCAT/ECAT directly. So students must stop slacking and stop waiting for physical academies and start preparing for entry tests with online platforms. Nearpeer is the most authentic platform so far that offers online MDCAT, SAT, and ECAT programs. Nearpeer has been around for the last three years in space of online education as compared to new online players who are only experimenting. We advise students should not risk their studies with these experiments and start relying on Nearpeer for their best preparation. Nearpeer has perfect tools like lectures, discussion groups, quizzes, notes, etc. You can call/WhatsApp on 0347-4143787 or 0346-4394354 for free 10-mins counseling. 

Read on further if you are interested in understanding the reason behind this government's decision. 

Let's analyze the reason behind this decision. We are living in COVID world, full of uncertainties. The government is trying to avoid clusters (gathering of people) to prevent the virus from transmitting in exams halls. Students and parents need to be protected at every cost. The education system has been following the annual system for a number of years. Now for example, if they break out of that routine and take exams in August/September, it will take them further 3 months to generate the results. This way, universities won't be able to offer admission as per routine and everything will be delayed by a margin of 6 to 8 months - something not good for upcoming batches. To maintain the schedules for upcoming years as well, such a step seems prudent. 

For the improvers of FSc exams, there is no announcement yet. The government says it is thinking something about them.