Matric kar lou stage:

“Beta matric tak padh lou, achay number le lou…aagay tou halwa hai”, teachers, uncles and talkative aunties in the family do not forget to mention this every now and then. By the end, the innocent students start believing it too, only to realize on the first day of the college that “Ye tou waqai halwa hai..”.

First day of college:

Then a new pandora box opens, where teachers will start the first day with, “How much you scored?”. Even if you told them that you scored 1050 out of 1000 or straight A+, it doesn’t matter. They’ll say “Inter k marks count hotay hain, matric main tou sub high marks score kartay hain”.

The impractical study advice:

The teachers do not come slow with instructions too. They go with, “Agar test pass karna hai tou:

1: You got to be loyal to your books and study table only.

2: Isolate yourself and shift to mars, then only you’ll have chances to pass the test

3: There is too much syllabus to cover, you need to stop wasting time on breathing.

4: Do not talk to anyone, or you have no chances. You can’t have friends either. Socializing is a big no-no.

5: You should only be seen in the library. If you spent a second without books, “forget about the doctor dream”.

You have to do another 365 impractical things, because “Doctor ban’na hai”

The heavy bags and expectations:

The students realize that the bag isn’t getting any lighter too. “Ab textbooks k sath keys aur teachers k notes bhi lene hain”. The guy with a small bag (who they used to see during school days) is the one who doesn’t attend college. If they are to sit in class, they need to bring all the books, period!

And yes, the homework is not for school kids only. Fsc students get twice the work, because “Ehh, Doctor banna hai tou itna tou karna paday ga”. While the same teachers keep telling that, “You are not kids anymore. There will be no spoon-feeding, you got to study on your own.”

The sentences that they are sick of hearing:

“Beta dactar ban k mera bhi ilaaj karna”. An uncle who they haven’t ever seen in their life would tell them out of nowhere. “Beta kon se doctor bano gay?” or “Tum to doctor ban rhay hou, you must know everything”

Parents don’t forget to mention everywhere that, “Meri beti/ beta doctor banay ga”, While beta just failed the chemistry test, “aur beti tou khoon dekh k behosh ho jati hai”

The test stage:

If the students think that the two years of torture will put an end to their misery, they are mistaken. “Agar test main high score nahin kiya tou matric aur inter k marks ka koi faida nahin, duh!!”
Now they have to spend another couple of months, rotting away the books over and over. Poor them, they think that a few more months and then it will end. But the real game starts here.
If they pass the test, “tou aur bhi dukh hain zamanay main ….” But for medical students, the only dukh is exams and books. This is the trouble they called upon themselves with a lot of hard work. It is the same as showing red to a bull and then running in front of it with red cloth.

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