So, a lot of discussion is going on and we are witnessing different news coming around about the exams of FSc. Since the third wave of COVID-19 is on the rise, the exam schedule uncertainty has risen too. I know, you all are confused and getting distracted due to this uncertainty and you might be wondering

-When will the exams be conducted?

-Will they get postponed? 

-Will they even be held? Or will we get promoted just like the last year?


​Apart from these questions, this situation could be very daunting for those who have been putting in all their hard work, just to get promoted, along with all those who might not be working that hard at all. Well, this is a hard pill to digest. ​

Although the FSc exams dates are decided and announced, nothing can be said with utmost surety as policy U-turns can be expected anytime. We are yet to see which exam related news bomb is going to explode. Till then, you have to pay proper attention to YOUR PREPARATION. 

Now you might be thinking that it is easier said than done. And I understand completely that it is very difficult to distract yourself from the current situation and direct your focus on what is essential i.e. FSc exam preparationBut you have to! 

Well, let's see how you can keep yourself focused. 

1) Make Your Own Schedule


Now that all the colleges are closed, it is the best time for you to make your study routine and that too according to your own time preference. I know you might be having online classes but you can still take advantage of studying at home. 

Craft out a schedule in a way that you list down all your class timings. If you have consecutive classes with no breaks, then take out time for self-study for later. 

If you have classes say like first-class at 10:00 am and then the second one at 1:00 pm, then utilize the recess you get in between. Take a little time out to relax right after the class, go somewhere for a walk, eat food or just listen to your favorite music. After that, complete the homework (if any) assigned during that class because with a freshly attended lecture, you will be able to quickly get done with the assignment.  


Be honest with yourself; religiously follow and repeat this methodology. After you are done with all your classes take another good 1-2 hour break, followed by self-study. 

Now that you've got the time to self-study, start from the hardest topic, which you feel k sar k uper sy guzar jata hai. 
And if in that time, new questions or confusion arises in your mind, then make sure you clear them right away, otherwise, you will forget (tried and tested experiment guys!)


To cater to such queries, you can take help from FSc teachers anytime 24/7. Awesome isn't it?

Now that you are done with the toughest topic, solve the quiz of that particular topic right after. Doing this will massively increase your learning potential and you will retain information for longer.

So, see what we just did here? We made our own schedule, gave time to the topics we were struggling with, cleared the confusions right away with the help of our instructors, and got ourselves some time to relax too! 

2) Peer Learning


A lot of you might have a habit of learning individually, which is absolutely okay. But let me tell you that, if you help out your fellows in answering their questions or in understanding a concept, this will not only increase their learning but will strengthen your concepts too. That way, you would be able to retain the information without even cramming it. (I personally learnt this in my college time) 

Also, according to a study, peer learning proves to be an effective way of learning and performing well as it makes students engage actively in the classroom. (Source: Learning with each other)

So, help each other out, because that will be you helping yourself. You can interact with your peers by joining Nearpeer classroom groups. Ask any questions you have from your peers and instructors, answer the questions of others (if you know) and grow together. 


3) Stop looking at Media for the News

Well, as my TED talk above, STOP SCROLLING and wasting your time waiting for the news. 

Jb koi news aye gi, khud hee pata chal jaye ga.

Therefore, unsubscribe or unfollow all the news channels you are following and limit your social media usage as it will give you nothing but anxiety. 


Final Thoughts

Listen you guys, the two years of FSc is a very crucial period of your career. Your attitude and efforts during this time can either build or ruin your whole future. Why? 
Because if you score well in FSc then you will surely get admission to Top Tier Universities, and if not, then you know better what might happen. 


So, keep yourself focused and study without assuming that FSc exams will get cancelled or even postponed. Because if neither of these happens and you do not have good preparation then things are going to get hard.

Therefore, interact with your peers and learn from them. Make a study group of your own friends and study together. And last but not least, stop looking at the news again and again. This will help your mind feel relaxed and focused. 

When you'd be mentally set to start your preparation seriously, then nothing can stop you from acing your exams. So come out of the fantasies or desires of exam getting cancelled, and gear up by making your own schedule and giving time to self-study. Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst!


After all, this is exactly what life is all about. You should always be ready to face surprises, good or bitter ones for that matter.

Will the exam get cancelled? What do you guys think?

Do let us know in the comment section below. 

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