We all have been hearing the rumors about how all the boards have announced the F.Sc result expected date 2021. Let’s not believe any of those and see what’s the real expected date of the F.Sc 2021 result is.

The Previously Announced F.Sc Result Expected Dates

There have been many sources of information throughout the internet that claimed that they know when the results shall be announced. Some came up with the date of 12th September 2021 for the F.Sc result announcement, some would claim it to be 30th September 2021, and some are also talking about the 10th of October. 

Now, the question is, which F.Sc result expected date is real? When will all the boards of Pakistan announce the F.Sc results this year? Nearpeer will give you the answer to this question by showing you a press release posted on the Lahore Board website.


For those who could not read the press release for some reason, it says that the results of the examination of intermediate and secondary schools shall be announced after the approval of the Promotion Policy COVID-19. The final date of the F.Sc result shall be announced after that.

It isn’t possible for anyone other than the boards themselves to announce even the expected date of F.Sc 2021 results. It would be extremely misleading for the candidates who are very excited to see their results and ultimately get admission to their favorite universities.

All the boards have announced that the result compilation is under process and it will not take much time now to finalize the results. Also, the results of the private candidates shall be announced on the same date, so don’t worry about this at all. 

To learn the exact F.Sc result expected date 2021, stay tuned and we will announce the date as soon as the boards announce them officially. 

Predictions Regarding the Passing Percentage of F.Sc Exams 2021

The expected passing/failure ratio of F.Sc exams has always been around 50-60% (passing) which means that 50-60% of the total candidates have passed their HSSC. 

For the F.Sc 2021, the stats haven’t been officially announced yet. Let’s wait for them and hope that there’s an even better passing ratio of students so more of them could have the chance to reach out for their academic dreams.

The F.Sc Toppers From the Batch of 2020

If we shed some light on the overall F.Sc results from 2020, a star from the Punjab College of Science, Lahore, Muhammad Umer, secured the top position by getting 1060 marks. Then there was Minaam Farooq with 1059 marks and then Muhammad Umer Mukhtaar from Shaikhupura who secured 1052 marks and came third.