If you have dreamt of becoming an Engineer, then it is the right time to start working on it! All those giving ECAT this year, you might already be aware of the fact that ECAT is going to be Online. 

Most of you were confused about how the test will be conducted online? Whether you can attempt it at home or not?

So by online means that you will be assigned different campuses of virtual university where the test will be conducted and the test will be computer based. 


ECAT is just around the corner and time is running out as UET has announced their ECAT 2021 exam dates.  But before diving into the preparation, it is important that you are well aware of the ECAT Test Pattern.

The ECAT test format involves 4 portions that consist of MCQs of following subjects

1. English - 10 MCQs

2. Mathematics - 30 MCQs

3. Physics - 30 MCQs

4. Chemistry - 30 MCQs

There are a total of 100 MCQs which consists of 4 marks each. Where it's a huge plus if you get most of your answers correct, on the offside you would also have to be careful as it involves negative marking. So if you mark one wrong answer, you will lose -1 and if you left one answer blank you will get zero. 

Therefore, trying your luck though "Tukka" is worth a risk as you get -1 for one wrong and +4 for one right. So, make the decision wisely while solving. 

ECAT 2021 Registration

To register for ECAT 2021, visit https://admission.uet.edu.pk/Modules/EntryTest/Default.aspx and pay registration fee and get your token. And do not forget to read all the guidelines regarding ECAT 2021 by clicking the button below. 

ECAT 2021 Guidelines 

Now that you have gotten idea about the exam and registration process, let's see some quick tips. 

Tips for Quick Preparation 
Since time is short, here are some tips that will help you ace ECAT 2021 exam. Along with that, if you want to get your hands on the study material to do a quick revision, join Nearpeer ECAT Online program and practice as much as you can before the ECAT exam catch you. 

1. Study Smart Not Hard

Most of the students take the hard route instead of targeting specific goals and working on them. Focus on the topics you find hard instead of finishing the syllabus twice and thrice. 

This means, clear the concepts of the topics you are bad at and leave the ones you are good at, for later revision. It is important to identify your topic-wise strengths and weaknesses and work on your concepts accordingly. To check your strengths and weaknesses visit this link and attempt a free quiz. And thank us later!


Hence, while doing preparation for ECAT 2021, keep a timer and make a scene as if you are sitting in an actual exam hall. Identify your stressors and learn to control them so that they don't restrain your performance during the actual exam. If you are struggling with managing the time, take Nearpeer ECAT quizzes and practice your timing thing. 

In addition to that, to get counseling on stress management, book a session with our counselor.

Talk to a Counsellor!


Practicing past paper is essential to ace any exam because it gives you the perspective as to what kind of questions to expect on the exam day. Therefore, practice as much as you can and solve past papers as if you are solving real exam. 

Note: If you have done all your preparation but haven't practiced past papers then don't expect the results you desire. Yes sorry not sorry!

But I am pretty sure you wouldn't want that for yourself hence, practice as much as you can until you get perfect at it. 

4. Stay Positive and "Pur Umeed"

Thinking positive is one of the aspects to ace your ECAT 2021 exam. Students who get nervous and think low of their abilities, eventually see their exam ruining. Therefore, staying positive and believing in yourself maintains your energy for the exam day and hence, helps you perform well. 

Once, you have prepared fully for the test then there is no reason left to be worried.

And you can proudly say that All izz Well!


Final Thoughts

So first things first, get done with your ECAT registration. After that, analyze the time you have at your hand and develop preparation strategies accordingly. 

Most importantly, do not forget to practice past papers as much as you can and that too with a timer so that you don't have to face time issues in the exam. Along with that, make effective and strategic schedule and work on the topics you are bad at and leave the easier ones for just the revision purposes. 

Last but not least, if you want to get in-person guidance regarding your preparation in this short time, you can talk to our counsellor and get all the guidance before times runs out.

What tips do you follow while preparing for entry test?

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